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NEP prepares India for new social and economic changes in the 21st century

It is imperative to integrate culture, language and traditions with learning.


NEP prepares India for new social and economic changes in the 21st century

The new National Education Policy (NEP) prepares India for the new social and economic changes of the 21st century, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the Conference of Governors on National Education Policy, he said it prepares the country to be self-reliant in tune with the policy of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

PM Modi said the NEP emphasizes upon learning and focus on research rather than curriculum and practical performance, as well as access and assessment. He stressed that it is imperative to integrate culture, language and traditions with the learning so that children are able to assimilate it in an integrative manner. Changing from the present scenario where students are under societal pressure to pursue certain streams which may not be as per their choice. As such, the NEP plans to provide platform to students to pursue any stream as per their aptitude. And in this context, vocational education exposure would also be provided to them which would also help them gain employment skills.

The government notes that steps should be taken to make India the nerve center of knowledge at the global level, and the best institutions will also be established in India. Moreover, technological solutions should be utilized for creating greater access to the socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Affordable and accessible facilities for ordinary people is the priority of the NEP.

In regards to regulations, PM Modi said it should be simplified and streamlined. Graded autonomy is also a step towards introducing healthy competition, he said as it would inspire institutions to provide quality higher education. The prime minister believes that this policy can be a success only when the stakeholders show maximum felxibility from their side.

Furthermore, the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind said education is the most effective way for social justice. Thus, the NEP calls for an investment of about six per cent of GDP jointly by the Center and the States, he said. The President added that the policy emphasizes on strengthening of public educational institutions for a vibrant democratic society, as well as to inculcate respect among students for Fundamental Rights, Duties, Constitutional values and patriotism.

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