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5 International Artists in India – 2013


5 International Artists in India – 2013


5 International Artists Gigging in India in 2013

5 International Artists Gigging in India in 2013

5 International Artists in India – 2013


The subcontinent has seen a sharp rise in the number of international artists visiting for shows here. Gone are the 90s where a Deep Purple or Jethro Tull would grace an Indian stage once every 4-5 years and that would be the musical highpoint for the next few years. Now, India sees international artists playing here on a monthly and almost weekly basis during what is now known as “festival season”. With so many niche genres that have spawned over the past decade, electronic music has clearly seen the largest influx of performers. However, after the Iron Maiden Bangalore show of 2007, which literally catapulted the Indian stage as a prospective international audience, there have been a whole host of legends of the rock/metal/jazz calibre that have performed here.


2013, strangely, hasn’t seen as much influx as 2012 did. 2012, which saw over 40 international artists including greats like Santana, Slayer, Opeth and Karnivool, perhaps had these high numbers due to the rise of several small, one-off shows and events. This year, it is very obvious that only a handful of festival organisers have started to control the scene, demanding the audience to listen to their sounds or go underground, where fewer bands are being brought in. We have listed 5 international artists from different genres who  gigged in India over the last year.




animalsAnimals as Leaders


This instrumental outfit first released their debut album in 2009. Some extremely forward thinking metal, complete with mixolydian scales, jazz feel and very unorthodox songwriting. Songs like “CAFO” and “On Impulse” got really huge in the Indian subcontinent, and when Weightless, the second album was released, the band already had considerable audiences in India. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise that they were signed up to play as part of the Bangalore Open Air Festival, a tributary of Wacken Open Air. Their show pulsated with immense energy and live sound, and was probably one of the best acts to visit the country this year.


Animals as Leaders played at the Bangalore Open Air show in July. The venue was Bangalore Palace, where they played with a host of other international acts like Iced Earth and Ihsaan.







norahNorah Jones


As someone who caters to a much smoother and refined crowd, but has always been big in India, and as the daughter of the late sitar maestro, Pt Ravi Shankar, a piquing of interests is only natural. Playing a show in Mumbai for the music festival ‘A Summer’s Day’, she went on to perform in Delhi and Bangalore too. With some phenomenal song writing, and a knowledgeable crowd, the shows were a complete success.



Norah Jones performed at four venues for her maiden India tour of three cities, Mumbai, Delhi (2 gigs) and Bangalore in March.









This electronic Australian called Jim Moynihan is one of the many EDM artists making waves in India. With the rise of EDM over the last three years, many obscure international DJs are actually common names in the subcontinent. His moniker Spoonbill, derived from the magnificent bird, has released several EPs and his gigs at the blueFrog, Mumbai, and at the Humming Tree, Bangalore have simply been legendary.


An India tour by the Australian left EDM crowds in a tizzy, especially at the NH Weekender festivals. Playing at Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai in late November, he also collaborated with several artists during his stay.








And So I Watch You From Afar


Featured in the 2013 edition of NH7 Weekender, this niche Irish post-rock act has some really groovy tunes and are most definitely on the international rise. With two smashing albums out and a happy, yet melancholic dynamic, this music can be enjoyed by everyone. With the abysmal rains of the Bangalore edition, they played an outstanding set in Delhi. A monolithic gig of 2013.




The Irish Post-rockers played both Bangalore and Delhi editions of the NH7 Weekender in November. Although the Bangalore set was a washout, the Delhi show set the tone for this relatively new genre. 











An ancient prog-rock band from Liverpool, played the IIT Chennai fest, Saarang, earlier this year, to the anticipation of many early metal heads. With some astounding tracks and albums in the early 90’s, their dynamic has seen a drastic shift over the past half decade, and their albums now reflect a more pop-like, lighter-on-the-ears, type of sound. Yet still, their live renditions of some of their earlier tracks like Fragile Dreams and Empty were enough to get them on this





Anathema’s first visit to the country, they played at the IIT Chennai fest, Saarang in early February.


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