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What we do and why we do it?

The Plunge daily is a culmination of two editorial initiatives My Big Plunge, an online magazine featuring the start-up and entrepreneurial eco-system in India and Sound Plunge focused on indie music, artists and the eco-system. 

The editorial magazine now sets to expand its canvas with covering a host of issues, products, opinions, technology and the overall societal evolution and thinking. 

Started in 2010 by Ashutosh Bhattacharya, an entrepreneur himself has spent over a decade in the industry across roles and industry verticals. The Plunge Daily promises to be fearless in its reporting and work towards bringing forward stories that are untold. Issues that are not reported and facts that always get sidelined in the noise and lack of time.

At The Plunge Daily, we come to work because we want to share the success stories of the hundreds of entrepreneurs, issues of the everyday people, stories that are inspiring and opinions that are taking or set to take the country by storm. Indian Entrepreneurial Gene across business, arts, culture, music, politics, society, life, technology and research, is the talk of the town. And we want to be the ones who bring these stories to you uncut and unbiased.

Our magazine specialises in video stories. Since the inception, we have featured over 100 entrepreneurs, 100 Musicians, 50+ Products and Technology Innovations, through multiple video series.

Come join in on the fun and excitement. Mail us at or for any queries or stories that you want to share.

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