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Halfway House


Halfway House


Halfway House

Cafe/Bar, Kailash colony

Located in the heart of Kailash Colony market, Halfway House can take care of your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner making you wonder which of the meals was better. It has warm and welcoming interiors, which do not hold back on luxury. With an attention for perfect cocktails, the cafe also makes sure that people not out to drink can enjoy equally delicious mocktails. The staff is always buzzing and cheerful, and will offer you complementary finger food which makes the experience personal and pleasant. Populated by a young crowd, this cafe is an amalgamation of being easy on the pocket, good drinks and that feel-good factor that you can’t put finger on but makes you leave with a smile on your face.


Capacity – 100 people


Price – About Rs 1000 for 2 without Alcohol


Where – HS 13, Kailash Colony Market, New Delhi


soundplunge_test Pick–The food served in Halfway House is cooked to perfection, it is a blend of European, Italian and Continental cuisines.


soundplunge_test SoundCheck –Retro, Classics, Commercial hits


Scene – Tuesdays are Expat Night and Thursdays are Ladies Nights


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