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Companies in Delhi-NCR facilitate work-from-home arrangements during G20 weekend

Companies in Delhi-NCR facilitate work-from-home arrangements during G20 weekend


Companies in Delhi-NCR facilitate work-from-home arrangements during G20 weekend

Offices in Delhi and adjoining areas of Noida and Gurugram have facilitated work-from-home arrangements for their employees during the G20 weekend. India is hosting the G20 Summit and the main event will be held in New Delhi on September 9-10.

The summit is likely to be attended by 29 heads of states as well as top officials of the European Union and invited guest countries and 14 heads of international organisations. All private and government offices in Delhi will remain closed on September 8-10, while banks and commercial establishments, including markets, in the New Delhi district will be shut during these three days.

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Accordingly, companies have announced flexible work measures during the G20 weekend. “In view of the Delhi government’s traffic advisory around the G20 summit from 8th to 10th September, we understand the potential challenges our Delhi-based employees might face in their daily commute. “Considering the same, we have already announced the flexibility to work from home during the period,” Noida-based NIIT Limited HR Head Mita Brahma said. Gurugram-based ecommerce platform Shiprocket’s SVP & Head of HR Saumya Khati said the company is fully aligned with the government’s efforts to ensure a smooth and efficient execution of the summit.

“In response to the government’s guidance during this event, we have taken proactive steps to provide flexible work-from-home arrangements for our employees in Delhi and for the people travelling from Delhi to our HQ (headquarter) in Gurugram,” Khati said. The HR heads unanimously echoed their commitment to support the Indian government in the smooth organisation of the summit, adding that it is a moment of pride for all Indians. Law firm INDUSLAW’s Founding Partner Gaurav Dani said they have asked employees to work from home, as far as the Delhi office is concerned since all of Delhi will be either a regulated or controlled zone. He added that the Gurugram office will remain fully operational. “However, people commuting to and fro from Delhi have the flexibility to work from home,” he added.

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