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Conquer Your Hunger Games Online (Food Panda)

My Big Plunge - Conquer Your Hunger Games Online

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Conquer Your Hunger Games Online (Food Panda)

Reaching out to a phone or accessing Internet than the fridge for food is far more convenient & time saving. Entrepreneurs like Rohit Chadda & Vijayendra Singh have seized this opportunity & introduced the hassle free concept of, available as an APP on your phone and web for traditional users.

Rapidly emerging as one of India’s largest online food-ordering platform, it currently has presence in India across over 3500 restaurants in 30 cities and globally has a tie up with over 22,000 restaurants. Founded in 2012, has become a preferred food-ordering platform for many. With a good market response, aims to expand its footprint in 50 countries and across 100 cities in India covering 40,000+ restaurants by the end of 2014.

My Big Plunge is a video series featuring individuals with the heart and might to take the big plunge and start their own ventures. This series is a celebration of their stories that have shaped their venture and could help others embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

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