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PedalStart and FAAD Network Launch ‘Gear One’ to Propel Early-Stage Startups to Success

PedalStart and FAAD Network


PedalStart and FAAD Network Launch ‘Gear One’ to Propel Early-Stage Startups to Success

PedalStart, a Gurugram-based start-up community builder and accelerator, has partnered with FAAD Network, a reputed venture capital firm, to introduce ‘Gear One,’ a groundbreaking cohort program aimed at supporting early-stage startup founders in India. The initiative, designed to accelerate entrepreneurial journeys, offers selected startups guaranteed funding, mentorship, valuable resources, networking opportunities, and access to a supportive community.

Empowering Early-Stage Startups

‘Gear One’ is a sector-agnostic cohort program that aims to empower early-stage startups from idea validation to the minimum viable product stage. Five startups will be selected to participate in the program, gaining access to high-quality mentorship, acceleration support, and game-changing resources. The selected startups will receive a guaranteed initial angel investment cheque of US $100,000, along with a commitment of up to US$ 250,000 in follow-up funding.

Key Features of the Program

  • Guaranteed Funding: Each selected startup will receive a guaranteed initial investment of US $100,000, with the possibility of additional funding up to US$ 250,000 in a follow-up round.
  • Access to Resources: Startups will receive access to resource-linked credits worth US$ 50,000, including AWS credits, coworking spaces, and payment gateway tools.
  • Networking Opportunities: The program offers startups the opportunity to connect with numerous VCs, mentors, and like-minded founders.
  • Structured Learning: Startups will receive structured learning, assistance, and guidance from successful ex-startup founders and domain experts during the 3-month program.

Supporting the Startup Ecosystem

Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia, Co-Founders of PedalStart, expressed their excitement about the launch of ‘Gear One,’ highlighting its tri-dimensional approach focusing on acceleration, funding, and community. Aditya Arora, CEO of FAAD Network, emphasized the program’s objective of facilitating the successful launch and growth of early-stage startups.

How to Apply

Startups interested in applying for the ‘Gear One’ program can join the wishlist by filling out the form on the PedalStart website. The application process involves a 3-step intensive screening process, with only five shortlisted startups being onboarded for the cohort.

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