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Chief Minister Pramod Sawant Inaugurates EDII’s Goa Regional Centre to Boost Entrepreneurship

Goa Centre of EDII


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant Inaugurates EDII’s Goa Regional Centre to Boost Entrepreneurship

In a significant move to bolster entrepreneurship and innovation in Goa, Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant inaugurated the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India’s (EDII) Goa Regional Centre on March 12, 2024. The inauguration ceremony, held in Ahmedabad, was attended by key dignitaries including Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General of EDII; Dr. Milind Kamble, Chairman of DICCI and Board Member of EDII; Shri Sanjay Satardekar, Vice Chairman of EDC Limited; Shri B. S. Pai Angle, Managing Director of EDC Limited; and Dr. Amit Dwivedi, Incharge – Department of Government Projects, EDII.

The Goa Regional Centre has been established to implement the ‘Goa Udyamita Yojana‘, with EDII serving as the implementation agency, and the Goa CSR Authority and EDC Limited, Goa, acting as the nodal agencies. The Goa Udyamita Yojana aims to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Goa by leveraging human capital and local resources to promote the creation of new enterprises and the growth of MSMEs.

During his inaugural speech, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant highlighted Goa’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, citing the state’s implementation of the Startup Policy 2017 and its efforts to diversify beyond tourism. He praised the partnership with EDII as a step towards strengthening the entrepreneurial landscape in Goa and acknowledged the support received from the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendra Patel, in setting up the Goa Centre of EDII.

Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General of EDII, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work towards nurturing entrepreneurship in Goa. He outlined EDII’s plans to undertake various initiatives such as training, research, mentoring, and incubation to transform Goa into a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dr. Milind Kamble, Founder Chairman of DICCI and Board Member of EDII, expressed confidence that the Goa Centre would catalyze entrepreneurial spirit, particularly among the youth, and position Goa as a center for entrepreneurial aspirations and mindsets.

Shri B. S. Pai Angle, Managing Director of EDC Limited, expressed his satisfaction with the collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship in Goa. He reiterated EDC Limited’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive economic prosperity in the state.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Amit Dwivedi, Incharge, Department of Government Projects, EDII, highlighting the collaborative efforts and commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in Goa.

The launch of the EDII Goa Regional Centre marks a significant milestone in Goa’s journey towards becoming a hub for startups and entrepreneurship. It reflects the state’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for local talent to thrive and contribute to Goa’s economic development.

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