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BuyUcoin launches (NFT) marketplace for Indian artists and content creators

BuyUcoin Launches NFT Marketplace, Lists Top 5 NFT Tokens for Investors
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BuyUcoin launches (NFT) marketplace for Indian artists and content creators

BuyUcoin also listed top popular and viral cryptocurrency Shiba Inufor Indian traders and investor, now in Indian cryptocurrency market it will easily available for all. BuyUcoin aims to boost creator economy through content monetization. BuyUcoin targets 50 million dollars of trade in the current financial year from these NFT assets.? BuyUcoin, India’s second longest running cryptocurrency exchange today announced the launch of its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace for Indian artists and content creators. The unique marketplace backed by proprietary BuyUcoin technology, NFT marketplace offers a unique opportunity to digital asset owners for exchange of intellectual properties and various forms of digital art.

The NFT marketplace from BuyUcoin also offers art auction over a secured blockchain network. The top 5 tokens listed on BuyUcoin platform have given consistent return to investors offering them a stable and lucrative investment avenue. Theta, world’s largest NFT by market cap has rallied close to 18,000% in one year, growth which is unmatched by any other asset class. NFTs like Theta, Shiba Inu, Decentraland, Enjin, and Digibyte have given the substantial return on investments, which is backed by strong public data. BuyUcoin has continued to scale the technology within an ever-expanding user base touching the first milestone of 15K+ users in July 2017 to the current figures of 500K+ verified users in March 2021. Commenting on the development, Shivam Thakral, CEO of, BuyUcoin said BuyUcoin, since inception has been creating innovative tech platforms to put India on the global crypto map.

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BuyUcoin’s unique NFT marketplace is a part of our continued efforts to create a secure environment for trading of digital assets. Our NFT marketplace will create a new dimension in the field of digital art selling and buying, we urge all Indian artists to sign up for BuyUcoin NFT marketplace and experience the true power of technology to enhance their business. BuyUcoin NFT marketplace is also aimed towards boosting creator economy by enabling access to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The artists and creators can monetize their content/creation by using BuyUcoin platform. BuyUcoin NFT platform offers high end security to the intellectual properties and protects the valuable art/creation from piracy/duplication because each NFT contains a unique ID and other metadata. BuyUcoin offers INR payout option through its wallet transactions to all artists transacting on its NFT marketplace.



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