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Over 31,000 Women and Girls Missing in Madhya Pradesh: What’s Happening?

Women and girls go Missing in Madhya Pradesh


Over 31,000 Women and Girls Missing in Madhya Pradesh: What’s Happening?

In a distressing revelation, official data indicates that over 31,000 women and girls have gone missing in Madhya Pradesh over the past three years. The figures were disclosed in the state assembly following an inquiry by Congress MLA and former Home Minister Bala Bachchan.

The statistics, covering the period from 2021 to 2024, highlight a grim reality: 28,857 women and 2,944 girls were reported missing. On average, 28 women and three girls go missing every day in the state. Despite these alarming numbers, only 724 cases have been officially registered.

Alarming Discrepancies in Case Registrations

The lack of official registrations is a major concern. In Ujjain, for instance, 676 women have disappeared over the last 34 months, yet not a single case has been registered. This pattern of underreporting is not isolated. Sagar district reported the highest number of missing girls, with 245 cases, while Indore saw 2,384 women go missing—the highest in any district. Despite this, Indore has only 16 officially registered cases, even though 479 women have been reported missing in just the last month.

National Context and Comparisons

Madhya Pradesh’s situation is part of a broader national issue. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data presented by the Home Ministry in Parliament in July 2023, nearly 200,000 women and girls went missing across India between 2019 and 2021, with Madhya Pradesh accounting for the highest numbers. No other state has witnessed such a high incidence of missing persons.

Impact on Children and Young Girls

The plight of missing children in Madhya Pradesh is particularly dire. In 2022 alone, an average of 32 children went missing daily, 75% of whom were girls. This information was revealed through a Right To Information (RTI) request by the NGO Child Rights and You (CRY).

The data paints a stark picture of the safety and security issues faced by women and girls in Madhya Pradesh. The significant discrepancy between the number of missing individuals and the officially registered cases calls for immediate action from law enforcement agencies and the government. Ensuring the safety of women and girls should be a top priority, requiring not only robust policing but also community awareness and support systems.

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