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No Happy Good Friday Please: Brands & Political Leaders note or again eat crow

No Happy Good Friday please this year: Brands & Political Parties please note or again eat crow
Don't be a jerk - There is nothing called Happy Good Friday


No Happy Good Friday Please: Brands & Political Leaders note or again eat crow

All your bags are packed and you ready to go! Was humming Aerosmith and then I thought about Armageddon. It’s a long weekend, and people of different faiths may head out of the city and enjoy some time off this coming weekend. Forget about UP and Goa though, No parties after 10 pm and Romeos will die! But while for whom this Good Friday is not technically a day for celebration or enjoy a weekend. Please DONT wish them – HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!

In 2016 there were some profound, brilliant BJP (Ruling Party of India) leaders and other political leaders who chose to wish people Happy Good Friday only to later eat crow. Big Brands and some fancy Startups were not too far behind who sent out emailers, newsletters, special offers with exclusive discounts (only thing these players live and die on – DISCOUNTS) on this misunderstood occasion of Happy Good Friday.

I am not going to get into the relevance and tales behind Good Friday as neither I am a preacher nor qualified. Which brings me to the point that even wiki is not qualified but still as we all rely on it here is the link – What is good Friday? 

So again I repeat please don’t wish anyone Happy Good Friday, don’t be a fool, a jerk and then eat crow.

Enjoy some last year stories –

Greetings! Mahesh Sharma and Shahnawaz Hussain wish you Good Friday: Hindustan Times

“May you be blessed with goodness and prosperity. Happy #GoodFriday,” tweeted Sharma, Union culture minister who has earlier got into controversy for saying girls going out at night was not part of Indian culture and former President APJ Abdul Kalam was a nationalist and a humanist “despite being a Muslim”. Hussain, a former civil aviation minister, tweeted: “Warm Greetings on #GoodFriday to all of you!”

The Hindu
Among the first to tweet, was Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu, who, at 7.19 a.m., greeted his followers, “Wishing all friends a Happy #GoodFriday.”

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