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Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Breast cancer is a kind of cancer that originates from breast cells.

Malignancy or any tumor formation in breasts usually originates in internal covering of ducts that supply milk or also known as lobules.There are very fair chances that other internal organs may be affected by the Cancerous tumor. Disease in breasts that begins from lobules is termed as Lobular Carcinoma & one that starts from milk ducts is known as Ductal Carcinoma.

Females are the ones that suffer most by breast cancer  disease. We have tried writing this article concentrated on Females. Males are also affected by it and we are in process of finalising an article for them.

Growth in Tumour is the most protruding disease widely recognized in females, globally. It states 16% of every tumor in females & 22.9% of obtrusive growths in ladies.Generally, 18.2% of all casualties reported globally amongst both genders are from cancer of breasts only.

Developed countries suffer more then the developing countries if compared for cancerous condition in breasts.According to certain medical experts,there are many known logics for such comparison- with fair chances of longevity- Women aged above 55-60 are seen to be more affected with such malignancy; as developed countries or monetary sound countries have good share of women who have a longer life then the ones living in underprivileged nations.The affluent style of living with more comforts and lavish eatish habits can be a good comparison between rich & underprivileged nations, as per some medical experts.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 232,340 female breast cancers and 2,240 male breast cancers are reported in the USA each year, as well as about 39,620 deaths caused by the disease.As per NCI(National Cancer Institute) roughly 232300 females and 2259 males in USA only,are reported to be affected by such tumor disease & nearly 39500 casualties occurs yearly.

Article details as mentioned -:

Diagnosis of breasts and symptoms of tumor

Root cause & Analysis

Remedy and Avoidance

Newest research analysis-

The Cytology of breast in female-

  1. Wall that makes chest
  2. Pectoralis muscles
  3. Lobules (milk making glands)
  4. Covering of Nipple
  5. Pigmented area on human chest,known as Areola
  6. Lactiferous duct tube (tube that helps transport milk from ducts to nipples)
  7. Tissue that are fatty
  8. Skin

Fully grown female’s Bosom is made of flesh,tissues that connects inside & many lobules (that are very small glands making milk).When a lady gets pregnant or after a baby is born and being fed with mother’s milk,that milk is transported through small ducts or tubes inside and feeded through nipple.

Other important part is microscopic cells which are millions, billions in number and help in making of breasts.Multiplication is an important and disciplined aspect of these cells wherein useless or non reactive cells are reinstated with active, fresh and live cells.

Generally, it’s seen that when cells multiply in an unchecked way and there is an abundance in cells, it’s an alarm for Carcinoma or tumor formation.

Cancer that begins in the lactiferous duct (milk duct), known as ductal carcinoma, is the most common type. Cancer that begins in the lobules, known as lobular carcinoma, is much less common. LD(Lactiferous duct) or Ductal Carcinoma is the place where milk ducts are & these are most prone to malignancy and quite commonly seen in females. Lobular Carcinoma or lobules is the place where there are lobules & this place is least prone to any kind of malignancy.

Expected symptoms of Bosom malignancy or Cancer in breast-

  • In most of the cases, pain is felt or feeling of some pain in head is felt by the person and in this way it is best told to attending physician or gynecologists. For more details, physician generally checks for any kind of rashes or inflamation in body.
  • First ever indication is some kind of changes in body like in breast area- an unexpexted swelling or an knot is felt by the patient.There are fewer chances that every knot or lump is maligned,still its highly suggested to get it diagnosed thoroughly by some Oncologist or gynaecologist.

If any kind of indication or some changes in body is felt, it’s advised that such lady must instantly contact their physician in US, UK

-Breast area having some kind of wad.

-An different kind of ache in underarms area or in bosom area that is quite different from or not associated with periods or menstrual conditions.

-Change in skin colour of Bosom area almost like an inner skin of orange fruit.

-Some kind of hives on or near one or both Nipples

-Pain followed by some wad in one or both underarms area.

-Inside breasts some sort of swelling of tissues giving an uncomfortable touch over there.

-Unusual watery fluid coming out from a nipple or in some cases, blood is oozing out.

-Disfigured nipples having changes like becoming immersed inside or upside down in shape.

-Bosoms getting smaller or change in shape of them

– In conditions where tumor or cancer cells have spread there are chances of exfoliating of Nipple or bosom skin

Remedy and avoidance-

Some kind of remedies or cure includes Surgery or Radiation therapy, though these are successful more in early stages.

Systemic treatments are suggeested wherein cancer or tumor is cured by drugs prescribed either by swallowing or by use of caliper which helps in getting them mixed with blood.This is most preferred method as in this case, treatment can be given to any internal part of body. Methods used are-

Chemotherapy    –   With the use of infusion, drugs are injected in body that reaches directly to affected organs.

Hormone therapy – Hormones are used to treat such kind of cells causing cancer inside the body.

Targeted therapy   Here special type of chemotherapy that takes advantage of differences between normal cells and cancer cells. This is an advanced treatment of chemotherapy where the drug infused inside takes benefit of disparity amongst active cells and infected maligned cells.

Who is given the responsibility to prescribe and cure Cancer?

In most of the cases, generally a team is formed of doctors to diagnose and work on treatment plan-

Oncologist or an medical team who performs surgery of breasts to cure and cleanse the affected area medical oncologist: a doctor who uses chemotherapy and other medicines to treat cancer   A responsible and knowledgeable physician or some doctor.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the publication

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