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Gritzo releases digital film on value of child nutrition for growing children

Gritzo in collaboration with Rupali Ganguly, releases a new digital film that emphasizes the value of child nutrition for growing children


Gritzo releases digital film on value of child nutrition for growing children

Gritzo, a brand of Healthkart and the first of its kind brand in the personalized nutrition drink for children, unveiled a digital film starring Rupali Ganguly and her nine year old son Rudransh. The digital film will be amplified across multiple digital touch points including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Conceptualized and executed internally by the team, the video depicts Rupali’s attempt to give her child the finest nourishment in an age of adulteration. She also explains why it’s important to give kids balanced meals while they’re still growing. She truly believes that as varied living styles have evolved, the world has changed and so have children’s dietary needs.

Rupali Ganguly, who gained recognition with her role as an idol mother in the television show ‘Anupama,’ has been in the industry since the age of seven and is proud to be a working mother. Rupali relies on Gritzo SuperMilk to ensure that her child receives proper nutrition during this growth period.

On her association with Gritzo, Rupali Ganguly commented, “Being a mother has been my favourite role, both on and off camera. As a working mother for the past nine years, I have tried to be a conscious parent by making the right choice for my son when it comes to fulfilling his nutrition requirements. To ensure that my nine-year-old kid gets the right amount of all the required essential minerals, I have always kept track of his nutritional intake. However, Gritzo’s Super Milk has put an end to my woes. Gritzo allows me to choose a personalized SuperMilk for my son, based on his age and health needs. Gritzo’s Supermilk has enabled me to provide my son with the essential macro- and micronutrients he needs to thrive”.

Speaking about the association and the unveiling of the digital film, Subhadeep Dasgupta, Business Head at Gritzo commented, “We are extremely excited to welcome Rupali Ganguly to the Gritzo family and join the clan of super moms at Gritzo. Gritzo which is India’s one-of-a-kind personalized drink for kids, has emerged as the trusted partner for parents in their journey of raising their children and Rupali has been one of those partners who has shown enormous trust in Gritzo. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Rupali for working with us in the digital film and trusting the brand. ”

This is a universally acknowledged fact that every mom is a creator in their children’s life who makes the best choice in health and career. Gritzo offers personalized nutrition according to age, gender and health goals. For instance, apart from catering to other age groups, Gritzo also provides the personalized “Super Milk” to cater to the age group of 8 to 12 years old because it recognises that this is the period when the largest amount of brain growth occurs. Over 50,000 mothers today trust and rely on Gritzo to give their children the right nutrition.

Gritzo, founded in 2019 by Sameer Maheshwari, is India’s first personalized health drink brand for children. It aims to become every parent’s friend in the journey of bringing up their child and a trusted partner to provide the right nutrition at every stage of their growing up. Inspired by the word GRIT, which means determination and unbeatable spirit, Gritzo is created to provide the best nutrition solution for the next generation. Gritzo looks to bridge the gaps in the Indian nutraceuticals industry, with a mission to provide Personalized Nutrition for the future of India.

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