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Amazon India crosses one lakh sellers in the April-June quarter

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Amazon India crosses one lakh sellers in the April-June quarter

Reportedly has on Monday stated that it has crossed one lakh sellers on its platform during the April-June quarter, witnessing a growth of over 250% year-on-year.

Gopal Pillai, the general manager and director of seller services in Amazon India, said, “Since our launch in June 2013, we have been working extensively to meet different business requirements of sellers and help them grow their business profitably online.”


The seller initiatives include extensive education and skilling programmes, offering fulfilment By Amazon, wherein packs, ships and deliver products to customers, manages returns and does customer service on behalf of the sellers, and other assisted shipping services.

Amazon at the moment is also giving sellers on its platform access to over 304 million active customers through the Amazon Global Selling programme. “Over 8,000 traders in India are already selling to global shoppers under this programme,” Pillai said.

Amazon India has 21 Fulfilment Centres, of which 13 were opened last year across 10 states covering a total area of over 2 million square feet. Amazon is also facilitating easy access to secured and unsecured loans for its sellers between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2 crore, through its partner Capital First.

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