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All About Nitin Malik


All About Nitin Malik



Nitin gets candid about Parikrama

Nitin gets candid about Parikrama


All About Nitin Malik


Nitin Malik, the voice of Parikrama talks about his many passions, Parikrama being the foremost.


It has often been acknowledged (rock concerts have obviously helped fuelling rumours) that Nitin Malik, lead singer of Parikrama, is a looker. (Some people recall with delight him carrying off that bald look with panache). It does help that his baritone melts hearts and booms across several monitors. Over 20 years in Parikrama, which he co-founded, Nitin Malik has evolved into one of the major figures in the music industry, a force behind Parikrama’s success and one of the permanent faces of the band.


Two decades into the show, one of the main attractions for Nitin remains its music and the social causes that the band endorses, and the experiences they have had along the way. Nitin remembers very fondly the concert they had played for His Holiness The Dalai Lama at his palace, “We played unplugged at his Holiness’ palace for the Tibetan new year long back, I actually learnt a lil bit of Tibetan and composed and sang a Tibetan song for him called ‘Rangzen’… he was mighty kicked …what days !!!”


Nitin is also a very passionate supporter of PETA India, “Please, lock me in a room with a poacher and give me an iron bar, and I will beat the hell out of him. We need to put an end to it. It’s criminal.” Parikrama has always fuelled his creative needs, and apart from being a singer songwriter with Parikrama, he runs his own music studio, The Survilla Academy of Music and Fine Arts.


Watch Nitin talk passionately about all things that make him, his favourites, his likes and dislikes, his quirks and all the things that keep him going here.


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