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Downstairs at Zo


Downstairs at Zo

[venueheader]Downstairs at Zo

Downstairs at Zo

 Cafe, Hauz Khas Village


Part of the ‘Zo Cafe and Bar’ which is the Mediterranean restaurant that lies above, Downstairs at Zo has made a name of its own. With ample space to fill in a small crowd, Downstairs at Zo has been gaining popularity due to its off-beat events and their tangentially opposite approach to pulling in crowds. They stage a wide array of Jazz musicians and the bar also has exhibitions, stand up comedy nights, poetry recitations, and many other talent acts. While other cafes are busy supporting indie bands and artists to pull in more crowd, this tiny cafe has taken upon itself to promote the local, underground scene and how.


Capacity – 120 people


Price – About Rs 3000 for 2 With Alcohol


Where – : 1 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


Scene: Space Jam, Jazz a Go Go, Laughing Stock


soundplunge_test Picks: Hauz Khas village can get too much with the stiletto clad, “prim and proper” crowd- but Downstairs at Zo is probably the only cafe which keeps up with the bohemian theme of H.K.V.


soundplunge_test Sound Check: With lovely jazz live acts, the music scene at Downstairs at Zo should be the envy of the E.D.M./Commercial heavy bars in Hauz Khas.


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