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Legal Bootlegging


Legal Bootlegging




Bootlegger, Bengaluru


Legal Bootlegging

Bootlegger is a cosy little pub that has just recently opened on Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Bang downtown, right next to Sunny’s and adjacent to the popular Biere Club, it is perfectly located. With an ambience like that of a smoke-filled, underground jazz bar, the theme is set to the Prohibition Period of the 1920s in America. Wooden bar stools, warm light and brick walls complement the Al Capone quotes, and even the name Bootleger’s really gives it a solid ‘prohibition’ concept.


As far as the liquor goes, they do not have their own brewery. They do however have a wide assortment of beers, imported ales, and hard liquor too. A few other popular restro-bars such as Moscow Mule also have imported liqueurs like Kahlua, Jaegermeister and Sambucca. Bootleger’s has this and more, with a range of whiskeys from Jim Beam to Jameson, and even some variety of single malts. The beers range from Hoegaarden to Rogue Dead Guy ale to Budweiser. There are wines too, from Jacob’s Creek and Sula; Hennessy cognac, and a few brands of Tequila. There is even Bangalore’s popular Old Monk Rum! And if you want something light, just get the bartender to mix you a cocktail. This spread of alcohol is actually quite diverse and has something to offer everyone.


The food is interesting but there isn’t enough diversity, and seems to have the vibe of an ‘appetizer only’ pub. With a very limited vegetarian menu, there is an all-day-breakfast with eggs, hash browns and waffles. The appetizers are probably your best bet with the nachos, potato skins and jalapeno poppers. For main course, there are options of pizza, pasta, hot dogs, rolls and burgers. The omnivore can also have the fish and chips, which is really good, but for the vegetarian, this section doesn’t have much to offer.


Bootlegger is a pub located on Lavelle Road. The average cost for two is Rs.1200

36, VittalMallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. (P) 080 41462747






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