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Chandigarh University Students Launch ‘Gold Bezel’ – A Flavourful Entrepreneurial Voyage

Chandigarh University Students Launch 'Gold Bezel' - A Flavourful Entrepreneurial Voyage


Chandigarh University Students Launch ‘Gold Bezel’ – A Flavourful Entrepreneurial Voyage

Chandigarh University is proud to announce that two of its innovative students from the Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering) 3rd-Year batch have kick started their inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Pramod Patel from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and Ujjwal Dahiya, have taken the entrepreneurial plunge with their start-up venture ‘Gold Bezel’, a flavourful Tea start-up. The duo has introduced a delightful range of Six flavours of Black Tea (CTC).

The inception of ‘Gold Bezel’ can be traced back to the year 2022 when Pramod Patel and Ujjwal Dahiya initiated cultivating their unique idea of offering a diverse selection of CTC black teas. After months of meticulous planning, dedication, and hard work, their efforts culminated in the official registration of their company on July 13, 2023. With passion for quality and a vision to redefine the Tea experience, ‘Gold Bezel’ launched its products in the market just about three weeks ago. Their range of exquisite black teas, cautiously curated with six distinct flavours, has already garnered attention and appreciation from tea aficionados across the region.

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The duo’s dedication and commitment towards their start-up is evident in the initial investment of approximately 5-6 lakh rupees they have made into ‘Gold Bezel’. This investment is a testament to their confidence in their product and their aspiration to bring a unique tea experience to their customers.
Pramod Patel and Ujjwal Dahiya are excited to be the faces behind ‘Gold Bezel’, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit while balancing their academic commitments. The start-up is headquartered in Morinda, Punjab. Pramod Patel and Ujjwal Dahiya, the innovative minds behind ‘Gold Bezel’, extend their heartfelt appreciation to Chandigarh University and its esteemed faculty. The university’s unyielding support and motivational guidance have significantly contributed to the entrepreneurial accomplishments of these two visionary students. Pramod and Ujjwal sincerely acknowledge the nurturing atmosphere provided by the university, which watered their idea and turned their concept into a start-up to flourish with time.

The duo expressed their gratitude towards their mentors and professors who recognized their potential and consistently encouraged them to strive for excellence. The university’s commitment to fostering innovation and cultivating determination has played a pivotal role in shaping their entrepreneurial journey. As their start-up journey advances, Pramod and Ujjwal underline that the university’s mentorship has not only enriched them with knowledge but has also ignited an enduring entrepreneurial spirit. The success of ‘Gold Bezel’ is a testament to Chandigarh University’s resolute dedication and the faculty’s instrumental role in nurturing their entrepreneurial dreams into a remarkable reality. The Chandigarh University community applauds the efforts of these young entrepreneurs and wishes ‘Gold Bezel’ great success on its journey ahead. This initiative exemplifies the university’s commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial drive among its students.

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