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Did KFC just add Kentucky Fried Rat to its menu?

Did KFC just add Kentucky Fried Rat to its menu


Did KFC just add Kentucky Fried Rat to its menu?

‘Finger licking’ KFC may just have jumped on a blunder that has started a massive online backlash in the online world. A California resident made waves on Facebook after posting a photo of an oddly shaped cutlet that he claims to have received in a three-piece meal from a Los Angeles KFC on Friday. As of Thursday afternoon, the image had been shared more than 121,000 times.

The man named Devorise Dixon, 25, posted on Facebook that he bit into the unsavoury-looking morsel and realized it had a rubbery texture. He then claimed that he took it to the KFC joint from where he purchased it. The story further unfolds as Dixon said that the manager confirmed the fried lump was a rat and apologized profusely along with offering him a free meal.

However, KFC denied these allegations and claims that Dixon is misleading the public and that the object in question is just a piece of breaded chicken.

The company claimed that it made numerous attempts to get in touch with him, but he refused to talk directly or through an attorney.

“Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape and this just happened to be an oddly shaped one,” KFC spokesman Rodrigo Coronel. KFC even took the image from Dixon’s Instagram account and edited it to show that the item is just chicken.

Thousands are supporting Dixon over this issue and lashing out at KFC. Whether it’s a viral marketing campaign gone wrong or a bad case of identity crisis, eating chicken may have just become a little harder.

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