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Practo expanding aggressively with diagnostic centre search and acquisitions

Practo expanding aggressively with diagnostic centre search


Practo expanding aggressively with diagnostic centre search and acquisitions

Healthcare app company Practo has improved its product further to allow customers to look for diagnostics centres nearest to them.

The Bengaluru-based company said the launch is part of Practo’s strategy to become the single health destination for all consumers across curative, preventive, fitness and wellness segments.

The app aims at providing a search facility of medical tests instead of lab companies to check lab accreditation, location filtering, home pickup and comparing prices.

“This is the first of our upcoming launches to cover curative, fitness and well segments as we march towards achieving Practo’s promise of being a consumer-friendly App,” said Shashank ND, founder & CEO, Practo.

“Diagnostic search will provide great convenience and is a much simplified way of finding the right center to get your tests done. Never before have consumers been able to get such detailed information about labs instantly irrespective of their locations – whether exiting a clinic or from the comfort of their homes,” he added.

Further adding to its expansion, Practo has acquired product outsourcing firm Genii which has domain experience in creating bespoke e-commerce and SaaS platforms across retail, media, finance and other sectors.

Practo said that the Genii team will take charge of the product teams and help it to get into the enterprise space with products focused around hospitals, diagnostic centres and other medical facilities.

“We believe acquisitions are a fantastic way to add world class, like-minded talent to our team. It gives us a fast way to scale and the ability to further accelerate our roadmap. We continue to look at acquiring great talent and technology,” Practo Founder and Chief Executive Shashank ND said.

This has been a very swift growth for Practo. Earlier in April, it had acquired digital fitness solution firm Fitho Wellness and prior to that, it raised its second round of funding from big names like Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners.

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