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Global Care Consulting Facilitates Historic Healthcare Agreement to Establish Mongolia’s First-Ever Comprehensive Cardiac Sciences Center of Excellence

Global Care Consulting Facilitates Healthcare Agreement in Mongolia


Global Care Consulting Facilitates Historic Healthcare Agreement to Establish Mongolia’s First-Ever Comprehensive Cardiac Sciences Center of Excellence

Global Care Consulting, Asia’s largest healthcare consulting and medical assistance company with NABH accreditation, has successfully facilitated a groundbreaking agreement between Marengo Asia Hospitals, India, and Intermed Hospital, Mongolia, to establish Mongolia’s first-ever Comprehensive Cardiac Sciences Center of Excellence (COE). This initiative marks a significant milestone in Mongolia’s healthcare landscape and sets a new standard for cardiac care in Asia.

Global Care Consulting specializes in expanding healthcare services internationally, establishing medical partnerships, building clinical capabilities, and enhancing patient care and experience. Mongolia’s aspiration to enhance its healthcare excellence was seamlessly enabled by Global Care Consulting, which identified the need, conceptualized the model, and built the bridge with healthcare partner Marengo Asia Hospitals to drive this initiative with Intermed Hospital in Mongolia.

Mr. Rajeev Taneja, MD & Founder of Global Care Consulting, expressed pride in this achievement, stating, “As Healthcare Consultants, this is a key milestone in our journey. We are proud to be associated with this initiative where our healthcare partner, Marengo Asia Hospitals, is collaborating with us to establish the COE for Cardiac Sciences at Intermed Hospital in Mongolia. Our commitment to accelerating clinical excellence, better patient care & experience, and fostering strategic international partnerships have never been more evident.”

Dr. Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO of Marengo Asia Hospitals, reiterated Marengo’s commitment to elevating Intermed Hospital into a premier Cardiac Sciences Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Mongolia. The center will offer a wide range of surgeries, including Angioplasties, Valve surgeries, EP Procedures, Triple Vessel to CABG surgeries, TAVI, and heart transplant surgeries. The interdisciplinary team at Intermed will undergo training to proficiently conduct all types of complex cardiac surgeries.

Mr. Nyamtogthok.YA, the CEO of Intermed Hospital, Mongolia, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to addressing cardiovascular diseases, the most recognized health challenges faced by Mongolia. He stated, “We aim to develop a state-of-the-art Cardiology Center of Excellence as part of our mission to save lives and improve the health and well-being of the people of Mongolia.”

The pioneering endeavor to establish the COE will be led by Dr. Anish Chandarana, Chief Cardiologist, and Dr. Dhiren Shah, Chief Cardiac & Heart Transplant Surgeon from Marengo CIMS Hospital. Under this collaboration, Marengo Asia Hospitals will work with Intermed Hospital and Global Care Consulting to conduct comprehensive department assessments and gap analysis, training initiatives, manpower allocation, equipment procurement, and the dissemination of protocols and pathways covering various cardiac conditions such as chest pain, STEMI, and quality matrix adherence.

This historic collaboration between Marengo Asia Hospitals, Intermed Hospital, and Global Care Consulting signifies a new era in cardiac care in Mongolia and sets a benchmark for healthcare excellence in the region.

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