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Varco® Leg Care Introduces Revolutionary Phyto Formulations for Leg Health

Varco® Leg Care's Revolutionary Phyto Formulations


Varco® Leg Care Introduces Revolutionary Phyto Formulations for Leg Health

Varco® Leg Care, a leading wellness company specializing in evidence-based phyto-solutions for holistic leg care, has announced the filing of patents for four groundbreaking phyto-based formulations. These innovative products—Varco Phyto Oil, Diafoot Cream, Ulsr Soothe Max, and Veinocap—are set to revolutionize leg care by leveraging recent advances in phytotherapies and botanical bioactives for precision delivery.

The patent filings highlight Varco® Leg Care’s unwavering commitment to green innovation through biomedical science, aiming to elevate safe, natural phyto-based leg care to unprecedented levels. Developed under the guidance of Varco® Leg Care’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Apurba Ganguly, these formulations are designed to address specific consumer needs with a focus on enhancing vascular health, reducing pain and inflammation, and promoting tissue repair.

Varco Phyto Oil, one of the flagship products, is a game-changer in varicose vein care. It harnesses the potency of circulation-enhancing botanicals to elevate capillary and valve health, utilizing a patented phytotransdermal technology for deep penetration into the skin. This innovative approach leads to visible and sustained improvements in vascular health and appearance, setting a new standard in varicose vein treatment.

Diafoot Cream, another pioneering formulation, targets diabetic neuropathy with a unique blend of 14 plant extracts and ceramides. This cream nourishes nerves, improves microcirculation, accelerates skin barrier repair, softens calluses, and provides antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties for healthier feet and legs. Its advanced delivery system ensures sustained release, offering long-term relief for diabetic neuropathy pain.

Ulsr Soothe Max and Veinocap address additional leg care concerns such as non-healing foot ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency through their proprietary phyto-formulations. Ulsr Soothe Max stimulates tissue regeneration for faster, scarless healing of foot ulcers, while Veinocap promotes skin repair, microcirculation, and relief from chronic venous insufficiency as a systemic venoprotectant.

Dr. Apurba Ganguly, the visionary behind these innovative formulations, emphasized Varco® Leg Care’s commitment to precision phyto care and continuous innovation. The company’s relentless dedication to blending botanical wisdom with biomedical advances has resulted in products that address leg care needs with unprecedented precision and efficacy.

Varco® Leg Care’s patent-pending phyto offerings signify a new era in holistic leg care, where botanical power meets technological innovation to deliver transformative, lasting relief. As the company continues to explore science-backed phyto-formulations, it aims to provide natural, holistic solutions that address a wide range of consumer needs around leg care and vascular health.

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