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iPhone explodes in-call claims Gurgaon restaurant-owner

iPhone explodes in-call claims Gurgaon restaurant-owner


iPhone explodes in-call claims Gurgaon restaurant-owner

Apple may need to face some difficult questions as reports of the first incident regarding an iPhone 6 have surfaced. Gurgaon restaurant-owner Kishan Yadav claims that his iPhone 6 blew up while he was attending a call. The incident is claimed to have occured on Saturday but it was reported two days back.

According to Yadav, he was in his car talking to a friend with the phone in hands-free mode. He suddenly noticed sparks coming out of the phone, and after realising that it had become very hot, threw it out of the car. The device exploded within seconds, as soon as it touched the ground. Before the phone exploded, Yadav claims he was in the middle of a call and the phone’s battery was around 70%.

The 64GB Space Grey version iPhone was bought from Gurgaon’s Galleria market on June 18th for Rs. 60,000, making the phone almost brand new. Post the incident, the phone was taken to the shop Yadav had purchased the phone from where the service center refused to register the complaint and told him to keep the burnt remains till they contact Apple and get back to him. Following this, he registered a First Information Report with a local police station.

This may be the first time that such an incident has occured in India but earlier, a similar incident had been reported in the US where an iPhone allegedly bent 90 degrees and caught fire, causing second degree burns to user, Phillip Lechter. Apple has said that such issues were never heard before in India, and it is looking into the situation.

(With inputs from Digit)

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