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Bitget’s Remarkable Growth: South Asia Crypto Spot Trading Volumes Soar by 500%



Bitget’s Remarkable Growth: South Asia Crypto Spot Trading Volumes Soar by 500%

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has seen exponential growth in its trading volumes, particularly in South Asia. Reports reveal that Bitget’s total trading volume exceeded US$3.14 trillion in 2023, with spot trading volumes reaching US$81.6 billion, marking a remarkable 94% increase despite market volatility. The most notable surge was witnessed in South Asia, with a staggering 540% increase in spot trading volume in Q4 2023.

Vugar Usi Zade, COO at Bitget, attributed this phenomenal growth to the company’s focus on building trust, maintaining perseverance, and nurturing strong relationships with users in the region. He emphasized Bitget’s commitment to enhancing security compliance, adhering to global and regional financial regulations, and investing in high-potential blockchain startups.

Bitget’s user base has flourished, reaching 20 million, supported by a dedicated team of 1,500 staff members. The platform’s proactive listing strategy led to the addition of 355 new listings, a 46% year-on-year increase, bringing the total to over 600 tokens and 700 spot trading pairs, demonstrating Bitget’s commitment to asset diversity.

The platform’s performance has also fueled demand for BGB, Bitget’s native token, which reached a record-breaking all-time high price of $1.2 USD in February 2024, representing a 300% increase from its value at the beginning of 2023. The surge in BGB holders, nearly 217,000 by the end of 2023, and a significant rise in its trading volume can be attributed to the introduction of new features, developments in launchpad and launchpool, compliance achievements, and continuous efforts to enhance Bitget’s trading services and ecosystem.

In 2023, Bitget announced the $100M WEB3 Fund focused on accelerating the Asian blockchain startup ecosystem. The company hosted over 12 meetups and events in South Asia alone, including Build For Web3, presenting funding opportunities to Indian startups under the $10M BlockchainForYouth Fund. These initiatives have helped Bitget build strong trust and credibility in the South Asia market, garnering support from over a million users.

Bitget’s remarkable growth in trading volumes and user base, coupled with its commitment to innovation and compliance, positions it as a key player in the cryptocurrency and Web3 ecosystem, poised for further expansion and success in the coming years.

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