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DSP Mutual Fund Simplifies ETF Symbols for Investor Convenience

DSP Mutual Fund


DSP Mutual Fund Simplifies ETF Symbols for Investor Convenience

DSP Mutual Fund has announced a change in its ETF product symbols on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to make it easier for investors to identify the ETF Schemes of the fund. The symbols of 10 ETFs of the Fund will be revised on both exchanges, with the change effective from today.

Anil Ghelani, CFA, Head of Passive Investments & Products at DSP Mutual Fund, highlighted the fund’s commitment to simplicity in its offerings. “We at DSP are always looking for simplicity in all our offerings of products as well as services to our investors. The new symbols will help investors in more conveniently identifying the underlying investment or index and selecting the relevant ETFs. In our view, the same would be simple and action-oriented for the investor,” he stated.

Gurjeet Singh Kalra, Business Head of Passive Funds at DSP Mutual Fund, explained the rationale behind the change, stating, “Over the past many years, as we have launched multiple ETFs across market cap and across asset classes, the ticker code or symbols appear different and can at times become a bit confusing to understand the underlying index that the ETF is tracking. Hence, we feel there was a need to simplify our existing symbols.”

This move by DSP Mutual Fund reflects a proactive approach to enhance investor experience and simplify investment decisions. By aligning ETF symbols with the underlying index or investment, investors can more easily identify and select the ETFs that best suit their investment objectives.

DSP Mutual Fund is known for its innovative products and investor-friendly approach. The change in ETF symbols is another step towards ensuring clarity and transparency in its offerings, ultimately benefiting investors and enhancing their overall investment experience.

Investors can refer to the revised symbols on the BSE and NSE platforms to update their records and continue investing in DSP Mutual Fund’s ETFs with ease. The fund remains committed to providing superior products and services to its investors, helping them achieve their financial goals efficiently and effectively.

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