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Motion Education’s revenue to cross Rs 100 Crores

Motion Education Revenue to cross Rs 100 Crores


Motion Education’s revenue to cross Rs 100 Crores

Motion Education Private Ltd, India’s leading Ed-Tech brand is all set to achieve over Rs 100 crores revenue in the current fiscal (FY 2021-22) with nearly 15 per cent profit. This year, Motion Education (Kota) alone is going to garner Rs 65 crores by March 2022 and Rs 35-40 crores of business is expected from 41 centres across the country. However, Motion Education’s revenue in the last fiscal year was Rs 50 crores.

Beating the impact of COVID-19 with innovations like a hybrid (online and offline learning solutions), Motion has also registered a 32 per cent growth in student enrollment. From 8459 admissions till October 2020 to 11209 new admissions till October 2021, students’ strength increased at the rate of 32 per cent in the current season, which has significantly bolstered the company’s growth.

In response to the consistently growing students’ strength, Motion Education inaugurated its new building “Daksh” situated at Dadabari, Kota. Spread over 50, 000 sqft, the multi-storeyed building is well-equipped with all the modern facilities of quality infrastructure to impart efficacious educational solutions.

Motion Education has been working on digital transformation for the last seven to eight years that helped it to marginalize the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Last year, (2020-21) company’s total revenue was Rs 50 crores. The first quarter’s earnings were Rs 27 crores and the second quarter’s earnings were Rs 10 crores while the last two quarters could generate only Rs 13 crores.

The first quarter of 2021-22 doesn’t get affected with the second wave of COVID-19 and closed at Rs 27 crores, but the second quarter witnessed a remarkable growth in comparison to previous and the 10 crores mark reaches to 22 crores in the second quarter. Besides, the revenue of Motion Education’s business centres across 41 cities of the country also rises sharply. The total annual revenue of these business centres was Rs 18 crores, but in the current fiscal year, the revenue of Rs 27 crores has been already achieved.

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“The COVID-19 crisis hit revenue of the industry. However, we swiftly adapted to the Ed-Tech and students enthusiastically welcome the change. Thereby we made up our revenue by increasing the number of students by 46 per cent. Based on this trend, we are expecting Rs 65 crores revenue (excluding 41 business centres) in the current fiscal with 15-20 per cent profit,” said Mr Nitin Vijay, Founder & Managing Director of Motion Education.

“The Coaching Industry has now been passing through a transition phase. Institutions are trying to convince students that they have to shift from their traditional way of teaching to an innovative way of learning. Motion Education is ahead of the competition with its innovative solutions. We are investing heavily in technology so that we can ensure a customized learning experience for every student. Technologies such as AI and ML and innovative Data Pattern Analysis tools are very effective in their overall assessment. These innovations help us develop bespoke study material depending on one’s strengths and weaknesses,” added Mr Nitin Vijay.

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