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World Entrepreneurs’ Day celebrated at MIT-ADT University Pune to recognize entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders

World Entrepreneurs' Day celebrated at MIT-ADT University Pune to recognize entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders


World Entrepreneurs’ Day celebrated at MIT-ADT University Pune to recognize entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders

World Entrepreneurs’ Day recognizes and celebrates the efforts of individuals who start a business venture. MIT Art, Design & Technology University Pune celebrates World Entrepreneurs’ Day on August 21 every year. The purpose of World Entrepreneurs’ Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership among the stakeholders. MIT-ADT University believe in providing the wings to generate innovative ideas and nurture our students to establish their start-ups through promoting their entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs must reflect on lessons learned throughout the current Covid epidemic on World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2021. The once-in-a-generation epidemic served as a wake-up call, but it also taught us to accept the new normal. Institution’s Innovation Council at MIT-ADT University Pune has organized four exclusive sessions on How to Build Your Start-up from The Ground Up, Building a Resilient Innovation Ecosystem, Building a high-speed Start-up & experience as a Founder and Let’s Hang-out with Campus Start-up Guys in association with AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum and MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE).

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Today’s world economy is being driven by innovation led entrepreneurship. Indian youth aspire to create new-age start-ups that solve problems of the mankind. MIT Art, Design and Technology University Pune is a new age University for aspiring Innovators & Entrepreneurs. The name of the University synthesizes Arts with Design, Design with Technology and Art with Technology to create a generation that sets a specimen of future Leaders, social transformers, and winning personas.

Recently, MITADT University established Centre for Research & Innovation for Young Aspirants (CRIYA) to create adept individuals to solve societal problems by thinking outside the box. CRIYA intends to cultivate scientific temper among students by motivating them to understand and innovate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and design. MIT ADT University is at the forefront in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship development amongst students and therefore Atal Incubation Centre has incubated around 27 incubatees across domains like healthcare, biotechnology, agritech, social innovation, & IT For transforming their ideas into viable products. The vision is to produce first-generation entrepreneurs who will be capable of replicating the model of Facebook, Google & Microsoft.

Mr. Yogiraj Konde Deshmukh and Mr. Uday Bhore, Alumni Entrepreneur of MIT School of Food Technology shared their experience on how they started their journey as an entrepreneur and difficulties as well as challenges they faced during their stint. Mr. Yogiraj completed his masters from University of Leeds, England & returned India to set up his own food processing unit & bakery. They have also provide their insights on how one should proceed for setting up their own venture.

During the session on Building a Resilient Innovation Ecosystem, Dr. Jagadeesh – CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Manoj Nimbalkar – MD & Co-Founder, along with Mr. Harshad Baviskar from Munich, Germany wonderfully explained how the mindset of an individual help him/her achieving entrepreneurial goals and how it is important for a start-up to have a mentor or the incubator and disadvantages of not having one. And they shared their experiences of their journey and the whole process they went through and how they got the idea of founding such great start-up initiative for Indo-Europe Connect & collaboration.

Mr. Akshay Mehrotra – CEO and Co-Founder at proudly mentioned that has already disbursed 1.8 million loans worth Rs.4000 Crores to salaried professionals in the country in the past five years. EarlySalary is India’s largest consumer lending application for salaried individuals that helps them with easy line of credit, instant cash loans, buy now pay later and salary advances. EarlySalary has become the preferred line of credit for every digital India. Young professionals and job beginners experience month-end cash crunch and due to the lack of credit-score knowledge, they are also unable to borrow money from the traditional credit facilities available.

And he shared his journey of how the whole thing started and motivated our audience to work on their startups and entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Akshay Mehrotra said, “We are determined to build a larger organization, stand tall in the mind and heart of every customer with a product for every credit need. We are a profitable start-up and want to build a large financial model.” He appreciated the efforts & endeavours by MIT-ADT University Pune to create robust framework & ecosystem for innovation & incubation.

During concluding session, three proud alumni entrepreneurs shared their experience at AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum. The panel discussion was driven by Mr. Ganesh Thorat – Founder Cerebrospark Innovations, Mr. Rishabh Gupta- Founder Weavers, Mr. Rishabh Naik, Co-Founder & Designated Partner, Knowform LLP. And they have shared their interesting journey of how they have built a successful start-up right from scratch & completed legal compliances with the help of support & guidance from AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum. It was very well received by the students on how these students overcome challenges of getting started with their ventures. The session has created a spark & encouraged students to take on their dreams to get transformed & impact tomorrow’s’ economy.

Dr. Mohit Dubey, CEO-AIC MITADT Incubator Forum further added that how Incubation Centre is helping young and budding entrepreneurs irrespective of their ages and giving them a working space to work for their venture. He also mentioned about how the start-up culture is getting a new trend worldwide and the benefits of having your venture. Prof. Dr. Virendra Bhojwani, President IIC-MITADT University gave his insightful remarks & views on how an idea of a venture or innovation can be protected from getting stolen through IP Filing. He further described the process of registering the firm with various Govt. of India initiatives.

Prof. Suraj Bhoyar, Project Director MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE) summarised the gist of the sessions which were conducted throughout the day. He explained the purpose & intent of celebration of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day. He said, “It’s better to work on start-up during college days only. Come up with an idea. Figure out your value proposition. Build something people want & You will succeed”. And he further added that how individual can achieve anything he/she wants just with the hard work and dedication. Last year, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune has been Ranked 26th for ARIIA 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. And even Institution’s Innovation Council – MITADTU Received 5 Star rating for exemplary performance by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Council, Govt. of India.

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