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Cryptoforce Launches Staking Program with a Zero-TDS on Investment

Cryptoforce Launches Staking Program with a Zero-TDS on Investment


Cryptoforce Launches Staking Program with a Zero-TDS on Investment

Cryptoforce, one of the leading and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in India is launching staking program starting off with MATIC. It aims to offer high annualized percentage yields for staking cryptocurrencies on different Blockchain Networks overseeing the market sentiments. The addition of this feature will supplement Cryptoforce’s existing suite of other rewarding services. The primary objective of this program is to supercharge the investors with a new yet exciting opportunity of earning.

What is Staking?

Staking is one of the best ways to earn passive income and diversify crypto portfolio by holding tokens for a specific period. Simply put, it is all about buying, holding and earning. So, in this process a blockchain network that runs on Proof-of-stake mechanism puts a specific cryptocurrency to work on its performance and security. It is more like gaining dividends or interest on a saving account or fixed deposit. However, staking can ensure a higher return than conventional way of holding investment.

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Benefits of Staking Crypto on Cryptoforce

The solitary intention of Launching staking by Cryptoforce is to meet its user’s requirement for more flexible way of generating profit. Staking can be one of the most convenient and secure ways for investors to earn a passive income using their tokens. With cryptocurrency becoming mainstream, Cryptoforce is excited to provide a reliable and easily accessible way of earning by holding their tokens starting with MATIC.

Cryptoforce offers an exciting opportunity to get passive income through staking. The minimum staking amount will be INR 100 and the maximum will be INR 100000. Investors can stake their funds in 4 simple clicks through a user-friendly interface. They can avail themselves of monthly rewards and there will not be any boundary on the withdrawal process. Users can get their funds instantly without facing difficulties. So, it will be a win-win situation for the investors who fear losing their money considering the volatility of the market.

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