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India aiming for responsible energy transition, says Sangeet Singla

India aiming for responsible energy transition with optimum energy and fuel mix says Shri Sangeet Singla


India aiming for responsible energy transition, says Sangeet Singla

At the ASSOCHAM Conference on Fuels of the Future- Sustainable Fuels for Carbon Neutral Growth, Shri Sangeet Singla, Director, Directorate of Sugar & Vegetable Oils, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India, stated that ethanol is a significant fuel that would significantly contribute as fuel alternative.

He emphasized the 225 government initiatives that are being benefited by ethanol. He continued highlighting two factors: affordability and benefits to farmers at the grassroots level for alternative fuels transition.

India has the requirement of 1000 crore litre of ethanol if we blend it with petrol by up to 20%. Greener fuels to be leveraged for greener earth, he added. He also mentioned the sustainability aspect which is much larger than environmental sustainability that industries need to take care of.

According to Shri Darshan Hiranandani, Chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council on Hydrocarbons & CEO & Managing Director, H-Energy Group of Companies, the demand for future fuels has been driven by climate change and energy security concerns. He went on to say that hydrogen fuels are an intriguing alternative energy source because they are clean, non-toxic, and renewable, making them suitable for use as substitutes for petroleum-derived fuels in vehicular applications. New age fuels have the potential to play a critical role in advancing net-zero growth.

In her welcome  address, Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM Task Force on Alternative Fuels & Executive Director, Godavari Biorefineries Ltd said Achieving energy security and transitioning to a thriving low-carbon economy is critical for a growing nation like India. Sustainable fuels will strengthen energy security, reduce industrial & vehicular emissions, and position the country as a leading destination for future or clean fuels.

Shri Akhil Mehrotra, Co-chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council on Hydrocarbons & Managing Director & CEO, PIL mentioned that climate clock is ticking and this is the challenge that all the economies around the world are facing including India. He continued saying Hydrogen is equally important alternate fuel and 5% blending has been tested.

Shri Paulo Chiarelli, Trade and Economic Affairs Counselor of Public Diplomacy, Embassy of the Republic of Brazil, highlighted Brazil’s alternative fuels model, which includes ethanol from sugarcane as fuels. Because of India’s expanding economy, growing population, increasing urbanisation, evolving lifestyles, and rising spending, the country must adapt sustainable options for future generations. Despite temporary setbacks caused by the COVID pandemic, the Indian economy is expected to grow steadily, resulting in increased industrial bases and vehicular population, as well as demand for related fuels.

Shri Shamsher Dewan, Senior Vice President & Group Head, Corporate Ratings, ICRA Ltd.  shared Making ethanol available in adequate quantities pan India and addressing challenges would be imperative.

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