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Goibibo launches travel social network GoContacts

Goibibo launches travel social network GoContacts- mybigplunge

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Goibibo launches travel social network GoContacts

Aiming to further strengthen the network effects, online hotel booking and air aggregators Goibibo has launched a travel social network GoContacts on its mobile app. This would enable its users to get connected on Goibibo app using their phone books.

Ashish Kashyap, founder and CEO of Goibibo, said, “The launch of ‘GoContacts’ is further strengthening the network effects on the Goibibo. Any user who joins ‘GoContacts’ and travels by booking on Goibibo gets GoCash+ bonus. The same works in a reverse manner too. Each time any of the customer’s contacts travels using Goibibo, they are given GoCash+ bonus.”

“The 3.4 million users who have got connected on Goibibo is a testimony to the fact that we are on our way to creating India’s largest traveller’s community. Goibibo will soon expand the social network to its ‘user generated content pieces’ which will allow users to review photos, ratings, etc,” added Kashyap.

Users will now be able to see reviews, photos, questions and answers that have been generated by their social network contacts. They will also be able to discover the destinations that their contacts have travelled to and accommodations that they would have used.

Goibibo is also building customised privacy settings, so as to enable users to decide what they want to share and what they want to keep private.

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