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Goibibo launches new feature to ease online payments

Goibibo new feature online payment
The new feature from Goibibo is to aid its partner properties in moving toward online payment methods with real-time updates and security

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Goibibo launches new feature to ease online payments

In wake of the demonetisation drive, Goibibo has launched a new feature, which is secure and scalable, for its partner properties to collect online payments – without the requirement of POS machines. Through this, Goibibo’s partners can collect online payments from their walk-in and offline customers.

By enabling 9,000 properties in the first phase, Goibibo has solved the issues of several properties across India that still do not have POS machines or digital payment instruments and receive a large percentage of walk-in guests. According to Goibibo, 85% of accommodation booking in India is still carried out offline. Further, they estimate that there are over 100,000 long tail accommodation units India that lack access to digital payment solutions.

Unlike wallets, the Goibibo channel does not have any payment limits and walk-in customers can pay via Credit/debit cards, EMI linked payments, Net Banking and a host of wallets. The process is as follows: The property manager generates a real-time payment link, from Goibibo’s business dashboard, that is sent to the customer’s mobile phone. Using their Debit/Credit card, Netbanking or wallets, the customer makes the payment via the link. Following which, the hotel and customer, both, are notified in real time of the success of failure of the payment transaction. Goibibo then settles the payment of the hotelier and all of this done with 3D secure based transactions.

Speaking on the same, Ashish Kashyap, Founder & CEO, ibibo said, “Online travel is one of the few industries that has 100% of its transaction in a digital format. By launching this feature, we are catalyzing the movement from offline to online and at the same time solving problems for the hotel industry.”

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