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Artaxerxes Fitness, UFC GYM in India, Looking To Raise $15 Million In Series A Round

Artaxerxes Fitness, UFC GYM in India, Looking To Raise $15 Million In Series A Round

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Artaxerxes Fitness, UFC GYM in India, Looking To Raise $15 Million In Series A Round

ArtaxerxesFitness & Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., the company holding the Master Franchise rights for UFC GYM in India, recently announced its intention to raise $15 million in a Series A round in order to continue with the expansion of the UFC GYM chain in India.

Founded in June 2017, Artaxerxes Fitness successfully raised a $2 million seed round and went on to acquire the Master Franchise rights of UFC GYM and set up gyms and fitness centres using the UFC GYM brand across India. It is on track to spread the iconic UFC GYM brand across India and establish 100+ gyms over a span of five years. As of today, Artaxerxes Fitness currently operates UFC GYM clubs in India. Artaxerxes Fitness will be launching UFC FIT, a residential club house format and CLASS by UFC GYM , a studio gym format in 2023.

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Using a combination of these four gym formats, Artaxerxes Fitness is on track to establish over 100+ gyms in the coming years. The company intends to invest in corporate-owned gyms as well as expand the number of franchisees. In order to achieve this objective, the management is looking to raise a Series A round to the tune of $15 million. “We have received an excellent response in all our gyms,” said Istayak Ansari, Founder & Managing Director of Artaxerxes Fitness “Our recovery from the impact of the pandemic was quick and we can now go back to implementing our growth strategy. Given the robust growth in the top-line of our corporate-owned gyms, we are looking to invest significantly in this area while simultaneously adding an equal number of franchised gyms. Our goal is to make the most out of the current fitness boom in India.”

Artaxerxes Fitness has been successful in implementing UFC GYM ‘s unique TRAIN DIFFERENT approach in India and has been able to attract members of all ages and encouraged them to get fit and to develop a healthy lifestyle regardless of their age or athletic ability. The company intends to add 25+ new corporate-owned gyms and 25+ franchised gyms after this funding round.

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