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Aryastha Life Sciences Secures Series A funding from Vessella Group

Aryastha Life Sciences Secures Series A funding from Vessella Group

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Aryastha Life Sciences Secures Series A funding from Vessella Group

Aryastha Life Sciences, a leading Contract Research and Development Organization in healthcare, has achieved a major milestone by successfully concluding its Series A funding with significant backing from Vessella Group, a prominent investor in India.

A strategic funding boost from Vessella positions Aryastha to reshape drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. With a vision to provide exceptional solutions for unmet clinical needs, Aryastha leverages cutting-edge R&D infrastructure in India and plans expansion in the USA. Aryastha aims to differentiate as a pioneer, utilizing AI, advanced preclinical models derived from patient samples and pluripotent stem cells ‘Aryastha’s Bio Solutions ‘ for efficient drug screening. This innovative approach accelerates the clinical translatability of candidates, streamlining services across the value chain and addressing pharmaceutical industry challenges.

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Aryastha’s commitment to transforming drug discovery attracts top talent aiming to influence healthcare. With cutting-edge facilities and a skilled team, Aryastha cultivates an environment of innovation. Partnering with Vessella Group offers a unique chance for impactful change in healthcare. Vessella’s investment acknowledges outsourcing’s significance in drug discovery and development, aligning with Aryastha’s expertise. Guided by visionary leadership, Aryastha is poised to advance scientific solutions and provide quality healthcare services.

Quote from Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Raghava Reddy Kethiri, Ph.D.:

“Empowered by our excellent team and infrastructure, we have united our expertise to establish a leading drug discovery and development service company globally. With our vast collective knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the drug discovery and development process by de-risking throughout the entire value chain.”

Quote from Co-Founder, Former Faculty of Harvard Medical School, Boston & Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Pradip K. Majumder, Ph.D.:

“Aryastha will differentiate by unique preclinical models from patients’ samples and pluripotent stem cells. By mimicking the intracellular milieu and patho-physiological ecosystem to enhance the predictability of the clinical success of drug-like molecules. These cutting-edge technologies will enable faster and more economical routes for clinical translatability of drug candidates.”

Quote from Vessella Group Managing Director & CEO, Sivananda Reddy Mandra:

“Pharmaceutical outsourcing is vital in drug discovery and development. Our investment in Aryastha offers a distinctive yet attractive opportunity to collaborate and contribute to healthcare. Tempus Law Associates and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas structured the business legally. While specific Series A terms remain undisclosed, Aryastha’s partnership with Vessella promises innovation and quality healthcare services worldwide.”

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