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We Founder Circle (WFC), has invested in 10 startups in Q3 of 2021

We Founder Circle (WFC), has invested in 10 startups in Q3 of 2021

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We Founder Circle (WFC), has invested in 10 startups in Q3 of 2021

We Founder Circle (WFC), has invested in 10 startups in Q3 of 2021. In the current quarter, the platform invested in the tech-industries that are booming in the Indian market such as Agritech, Ed-tech, Fintech, Healthtech, EV. The platform has invested around USD 1 MN worth of funds for the 10 startups during Q3 of 2021. WFC has also funded other startups as well that are moving forward with determination and strategic method.

Post pandemic, when mostly all the investor platforms have limited their investments, We Founder Circle is enabling many start-ups to peruse their dreams by supporting them financially. We Founder Circle has been following a different investment model. Unlike other investment platforms and incubators, the platform connects entrepreneur directly with potential investors who have founded successful start-ups themselves. Thus, promoting founder turned investors to back the budding entrepreneurs. This also enables, finer understanding, mentorship, networking opportunities between the investor and the start-up

As we come from startup investor platform, we do understand that how hard it gets to secure funds for startups, who are aspiring to grow magnificently with dreams in their hearts but facing a lot of challenges due to outbreak of the pandemic. Considering the current scenario, WFC is enabling many startups like – Avni, Humus, Cusmat, Flatheads, ESports, YPay & others with both investment & creating business opportunities, said Mr. Neeraj Tyagi-Co-founder and CEO, We Found Circle.

The brand is aiming to achieve 40 numbers of startups to fundraise transactions by the end of 2021-22 financial year. WFC has recently launched a global accelerator program to promote the sector.

On the investment Mr. Gaurav Singhvi, Co-Founder, We Founder Circle affirmed “At We Founder Circle we are committed to open new avenues to mentorship and support for startups. Esteemed investors are joining us every day and strengthening the community. Now we are more focused towards accelerating cross border investments, which will not only enable faster growth but also provide with global opportunities.”

WFC recently launched a global accelerator program titled EvolveX to promote the sector. Through the accelerator program alone the brand targets catalyzing 8-10 startup investment deals, and mentorship with 30 global industry veterans. The startup has already already empowered 26 startups with approx. USD 3 MN funds till now in 2021. The brand presently has over 1500 angels on its platform across the globe.

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