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Droom and CashCare enter partnership to drive away apprehensions of car-buying

Droom CashCare partnership


Droom and CashCare enter partnership to drive away apprehensions of car-buying

Droom, an online automobile transactional marketplace, has entered into a partnership with CashCare – a consumer lending platform where short-term loans are provided on a real-time basis. The association aims at making the buying process completely hassle-free for customers. The most significant aspect of this association is the incredible 0% APR introductory offer that makes buying new vehicles on EMI extremely attractive.

Rishab Malik, Co-Founder and VP – Business Development, Droom said, “With the launch of the new vehicles category, we also decided to make the accessibility of the products greater. The introductory offer of 0% APR is truly incredible and will further enhance the affinity that vehicle buyers feel for this new service.”

The 0% Annualised Percentage Rate on the loan amount on the vehicles is one of the most attractive offers available during this festive season. Eligible buyers could also avail of pre-approved loans, to ease out the financial burden. Loans of upto 70% of the vehicle value are available with a loan period of 3-12 months.

CashCare Founder and CEO, Vikas Sekri added, “As a real-time finance provider, CashCare understands car buyers’ needs for hassle-free and quick disbursal of loans. We hope to facilitate many customers through our association with Droom.”

Droom is also ensuring procedures at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) are taken care of, with varying charges depending on the type of vehicle and location of RTO. There is a one-year manufacturer warranty available on every vehicle bought through it which is also delivered within 30 days of order placement. Droom buyers also benefit in terms of security as their vehicles are completely covered by the Droom buyer protection policy.

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