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Onpassive Globally Launches Its First Set Of Disruptive Solution

Onpassive Globally Launches Its First Set Of Disruptive Solution


Onpassive Globally Launches Its First Set Of Disruptive Solution

ONPASSIVE, the global provider of disruptive intelligence and business automation solutions headquartered in Dubai-United Arab of Emirates where Hyderabad, India is the Technology Hub, empowering humanity through the launch of their unique internet solutions which are “O-Mail”, “O-Net” and “O-Connect” solutions dedicated to facilitating Emailing, Social Networking, and Video Conferencing respectively. 

O-Net & O-Mail solutions will be offered free of cost to everyone on earth for efficient and seamless communications. The launch will substantially shift the existing monotonous internet services and bring the disruptive technology to elevate and enhance the connectivity for the end users’ journey across the globe via AI (Artificial Intelligence) with heart.  

Mr. Ash Mufareh – Founder & CEO, ONPASSIVE said, “ONPASSIVE’s broader vision brings you a sustainable eco-system that supports and uplifts humanity. Being an AI with heart (Artificial Intelligence) driven company. We aim to facilitate the users with seamless SaaS solutions across the globe. We are here to reshape the digital space with new, advanced, and user-friendly technology”.

 With amazing features like video emails, voice emails, folders privacy lock, email personalised themes & attractive background music recommendations, text to voice, unsolicited email notifications, possibility to allow or deny unsolicited email detection and notification. O-Mail is here to start where others have stopped. This being the first release of the solution there is much more to come. 

O-Net is another fascinating solution offered by ONPASSIVE that is here to change the rigid networking environment with its one-of-a-kind attractive features such as scheduling personal posts and creating blogs. Which is free to use limitlessly.   

 O-Connect, is going to be a game changer in the video conferencing platform because of its dashboard that exceeds the users’ expectations. The O-Connect solution is here to provide you with a brand-new experience on top of the common current video conferencing experience that the market is offering. Some of its never-before-seen features are speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, text-to-text, audio noise cancellation, smart reply, digital avatars, and many more options and features. 

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