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Ageas Federal Life Insurance Elevates ULIP Portfolio with Multicap Fund Launch

Ageas Federal Life Insurance Multicap Fund Launch


Ageas Federal Life Insurance Elevates ULIP Portfolio with Multicap Fund Launch

Ageas Federal Life Insurance (AFLI), a prominent player in the Indian private life insurance sector, has set the stage for a new era in investment with the introduction of the Multicap Fund in its Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) portfolio. This innovative, open-ended fund aims to provide customers with the potential for robust capital appreciation returns by strategically investing in a diversified portfolio of listed companies across various market caps.

Vighnesh Shahane, MD & CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance, expressed excitement about the latest addition to their ULIP portfolio. “We are thrilled to present the Multicap Fund, a strategic move towards offering capital appreciation returns through diversified investments across various market caps. This reinforces our commitment to providing innovative and value-driven solutions. The Multicap Fund is designed to deliver attractive returns for our customers while ensuring diversification and effective risk management.”

The Multicap Fund, effective from February 5th, 2024, will be integrated into the following existing products:

  1. Platinum Wealth Builder
  2. Smart Growth Plan
  3. Wealthsurance SP II

The fund’s primary objective is to assist customers in capital growth by investing in a carefully curated blend of well-established blue-chip companies, emerging blue-chip companies, mid-cap companies, and select small-cap companies. With a focus on the medium to long term, the Multicap Fund aims to mitigate risks by diversifying investments across various sectors, presenting customers with a potentially rewarding investment strategy.

Key Details of the Multicap Fund:

  1. Fund Name: Multicap Fund
  2. Investment Objective: Capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio across market caps.
  3. Investment Horizon: Medium to long term.

The launch of the Multicap Fund aligns with Ageas Federal Life Insurance’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its product offerings, catering to the dynamic and evolving financial needs of its customers. By introducing this new investment avenue, the company aims to empower customers with an effective tool to grow their wealth while enjoying the benefits of insurance coverage.

Vighnesh Shahane emphasized, “This strategic addition to our ULIP portfolio is a testament to our dedication to customer-centric innovation. We believe that the Multicap Fund will provide our customers with a unique opportunity to participate in the potential upside of a diversified market while ensuring a well-managed risk profile.”

In a financial landscape where customers seek not only security but also growth, Ageas Federal Life Insurance’s Multicap Fund stands out as a well-thought-out solution. Investors can now harness the power of a diversified portfolio to navigate market dynamics and potentially reap the rewards of robust capital appreciation over the medium to long term.

As Ageas Federal Life Insurance continues to evolve its product suite, the Multicap Fund emerges as a beacon of financial empowerment, offering customers a strategic and holistic approach to wealth creation within the framework of insurance. Investors and policyholders alike can look forward to navigating the future with confidence, armed with a new avenue for wealth accumulation and financial well-being.

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