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Livguard Introduces India’s First Indigenous Lithium-ion Phosphate Cell at Bharat Mobility Expo

Livguard Launches Revolutionary Lithium-ion Phosphate Cell


Livguard Introduces India’s First Indigenous Lithium-ion Phosphate Cell at Bharat Mobility Expo

Revolutionizing the Electromobility Ecosystem

Livguard, a trailblazer in the energy transition sector, has unveiled a myriad of groundbreaking products and solutions at the ongoing Bharat Mobility Expo in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. With a strategic focus on electromobility and battery storage solutions, Livguard is spearheading the transition from conventional energy paradigms to cutting-edge technologies.

The exhibition showcases a spectrum of products meticulously designed and manufactured in India, each representing the pinnacle of technology, recently launched or scheduled for release in the upcoming months. The central theme revolves around hastening the energy transition, with particular emphasis on electromobility and battery storage solutions.

Livguard’s showcase features a comprehensive array of batteries, incorporating the safest chemistry available in India. A highlight of the event is the introduction of Livguard’s indigenously crafted lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) cell technology, hailed as the first Made-in-India LFP cell certified by ARAI. Moreover, the company is poised to unveil new batteries in the near future, underscoring its dedication to advancing battery technology domestically. With a robust R&D team of over 200 engineers, Livguard’s commitment transcends mere manufacturing—it is deeply rooted in conceptualization and engineering within the country.

Gurpreet Bhatia, Livguard’s CEO, expressed, “Livguard is not merely unveiling products; we are revolutionizing the entire electromobility ecosystem in India. Our integrated solutions, from batteries to drivetrain, augmented by advanced analytics, signify a leap towards a greener and more efficient future conceptualized, designed, and manufactured in India.”

Livguard takes pride in its fully indigenous Battery Management System, developed over four years within India. This system offers state-of-the-art battery health monitoring, enhancing battery lifespan and safety.

The focus of the exhibit extends beyond physical products to Battery Intelligence. The state-of-the-art batteries exhibit real-time analytics and AI-driven insights, predicting remaining charge, monitoring battery health, and detecting potential abuse conditions. This ensures optimal performance and safety for users, with features enabling remote battery disabling in case of abuse situations. Livguard’s cloud-based solutions have played a pivotal role in managing a deployed base of over 50,000 batteries, yielding invaluable intelligence about usage patterns and optimizing performance.

Recognizing the imperative for rapid electric mobility adoption, Livguard has developed battery-swapping stations, facilitating swift turnarounds for fleet-based applications, thereby ensuring efficient asset utilization. Livguard’s customers are slated to install over 500 swapping stations in the next year, initially in Delhi, Pune, and nearby areas, with expansion plans post the pilot phase.

The expo also features Livguard’s drivetrain solutions, marking a departure from conventional combustion engines to motors and electronics. The portfolio encompasses drivetrain solutions for e-Rickshaws, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers. Livguard’s sustainability focus extends to its drivetrain solutions, featuring motors with reduced magnet usage. The company is actively pursuing the development of motors that obviate the need for rare earth magnets. This commitment aligns with Livguard’s overarching goal of furnishing efficient, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious electromobility solutions.

Livguard’s unveiling of India’s first indigenously developed Lithium-ion phosphate cell marks a significant stride towards fostering domestic innovation in the energy sector. With its comprehensive suite of electromobility solutions and a commitment to sustainability, Livguard is poised to redefine India’s energy landscape, one innovation at a time.

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