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Blockchain-platform Tezos India partners with Graviton

Liminal becomes a certified wallet infrastructure platform achieving the highest level of CryptoCurrency Security Standard 'CCSS-QSP Level 3' certification in APAC & MENA


Blockchain-platform Tezos India partners with Graviton

Blockchain adoption studio Tezos India has joined hands with Graviton as Ecosystem Partners to provide active assistance to cohort teams on mentorship and insights, integration and technology support, and access to the Tezos community. Graviton is a cohort-based incubator for high-potential Web-3 businesses. The 16-week program will equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge of Web-3 first principles, allow them to work on problems with mentors, and give them access to funds and a smart network. Other well-known investors of Graviton include Stacker Ventures, Moonrock Capital, and 369 Capital.

Upon this partnership, more decentralised applications (dApps) are expected to be built on the Tezos blockchain. dApps built on blockchain gives users more control over their online experiences as a result, which can help minimise the risk of fraud and censorship. For instance, more applications to create decentralised finance (DeFi) projects on Tezos could be expected to come in, which would make it possible for people in developing nations to engage in the global financial system without going via conventional financial institutions.

It is also expected that projects focused on blockchain infrastructure, Web-3 gaming, and various NFT use cases will apply. This could lead to the development of Web-3 games or NFT use cases, such as ticketing. Communication apps, decentralised finance, gaming, payment solutions, developer tools and infrastructure, and cloud integration tooling are a few of the non-exhaustive list of use cases of the projects.

Upon being asked about the partnership, Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth Tezos India, stated, “We are incredibly enthusiastic about the Web-3 innovation taking on in India and look forward to continuing our ongoing support of the Indian crypto/ Web-3 ecosystem. With the initiative with Graviton, we are demonstrating our commitment to cultivating this talent, and the Web-3 community in India is swiftly becoming a worldwide force.”

Arpit Nik, CEO, Graviton, stated, “The collaboration with Tezos allows us to offer mission-critical infrastructure and training to passionate builders, as well as workshops that will enrich their building experience. We’re both grateful and excited to be working hand-in-hand in executing our larger vision for the Indian Web-3 landscape.”

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