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DashLoc 2.0 Revolutionizes Hyperlocal Discovery with Advanced Features

Hyperlocal discovery platform


DashLoc 2.0 Revolutionizes Hyperlocal Discovery with Advanced Features

DashLoc, a pioneering company in India specializing in hyperlocal discovery and growth solutions, has unveiled DashLoc 2.0, a groundbreaking upgrade to its platform. This new iteration represents a significant leap forward, incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced features to redefine the user experience. DashLoc 2.0 aims to empower brands with actionable insights and customizable solutions, marking a new chapter in hyperlocal discovery.

Building upon the success of DashLoc 1.0, the latest version incorporates state-of-the-art AI algorithms and advanced ML models. These enhancements are designed to address the most minute challenges faced by brands, enabling them to leverage data to shape their future endeavors with unparalleled precision. Integration with GenAI technology further enhances the platform’s functionality and effectiveness, setting a new benchmark in hyperlocal discovery and growth solutions.

One of the key features of DashLoc 2.0 is its AI-driven Review Management system. This system streamlines response generation, summarization, and automation, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction across diverse platforms. Additionally, the platform boasts an advanced Chatbot Feature, offering customized flows tailored to brand interactions. This feature not only reduces agent costs but also increases conversion rates by over 26%.

Another highlight of DashLoc 2.0 is its Intelligent Analytics with Smart Reporting, which generates advanced analytics to facilitate informed decision-making processes. The platform also offers Progressive Website Theme Control, enabling unparalleled customization of website themes to align with brand identity.

Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder, and CTO at DashLoc, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “We’re incredibly excited to unveil DashLoc 2.0, a culmination of our relentless pursuit of innovation and user-centric design. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of DashLoc 2.0 lies in its seamless blend of advanced technology with user-centric features. With this latest release, we aim to elevate the user dashboard experience and leverage a new tech stack for quicker and easier development of advanced features. This transition reinforces DashLoc’s dedication to offering advanced solutions and remaining at the forefront of technology and user expectations. We’re confident that DashLoc 2.0 will transform how brands engage with their audiences and navigate the ever-evolving complexities of the modern marketplace.”

DashLoc 2.0’s multilingual features provide a strategic edge, enabling brands to engage effectively with regional consumers. With over 50% of content viewed on Google Discover in Indian languages and a third of Google Assistant users in India utilizing it in an Indian language, DashLoc prioritizes providing online brand presence to multiple-tier cities. The platform’s multilingual functionalities facilitate effective communication with customers, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Looking ahead, DashLoc aims to develop a comprehensive 360-degree platform that facilitates brand execution from search to conversion, empowering brands to achieve their business objectives efficiently. DashLoc 2.0 represents a significant step forward in the company’s journey, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions.

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