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Vantage Circle Advocates for the Transformative Influence of Recognition in Today’s Workforce

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Vantage Circle Advocates for the Transformative Influence of Recognition in Today’s Workforce

Vantage Circle, a prominent global SaaS-based platform, took the spotlight at the SHRM India Talent Leadership Summit & Expo in Mumbai on February 19, 2024. Saurabh Deshpande, Director of CoE – People & Culture at Vantage Circle, delivered a compelling keynote session on ‘R&R Practices Reshaping the Future of Talent Management.’

In an era marked by rapid workforce evolution, Saurabh Deshpande shed light on the profound impact of Rewards and Recognition (R&R) practices on talent management. Leveraging Vantage Circle’s extensive experience in employee engagement, Deshpande elucidated the pivotal role of R&R programs and why they should be at the core of talent management strategies for today’s evolving workforce. He highlighted three key trends in light of the growing presence of young talent in India, particularly Gen Z employees, emphasizing their need for regular positive reinforcement and validation. He also addressed the challenges posed by dispersed teams comprising hybrid and gig workers, as well as the increasing desire for social validation.

Attendees gained valuable insights into innovative R&R practices and platform features that enhance the effectiveness of R&R programs by boosting program adoption and utilization. Deshpande’s session underscored the strategic importance of effective recognition programs in driving behavioral change and achieving business results.

Reflecting on the event, Saurabh Deshpande stated, “At Vantage Circle, we view R&R programs as catalysts for organizational transformation through behavioral change, in addition to enhancing employee engagement. In today’s business landscape, R&R programs are critical levers for effective talent management, with design frameworks serving as the cornerstone for their success. Strong program design must be complemented by effective implementation, focusing on user-friendliness, clear communication strategies, meaningful recognition, and measurable outcomes. It was an honor to share our perspectives and insights at the SHRM India Talent Leadership Summit 2024, and we remain committed to empowering organizations to leverage the power of recognition to drive business results.”

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