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Limited Edt Launches First-Ever Store in India, Redefining Delhi’s In-Store Shopping Experience!

Limited Edt India


Limited Edt Launches First-Ever Store in India, Redefining Delhi’s In-Store Shopping Experience!

Singaporean streetwear giant Limited Edt has planted its roots in the vibrant soil of India, bringing over two decades of pioneering expertise to the heart of New Delhi. Founded in 2003 by Mandeep Chopra, Limited Edt has become synonymous with cutting-edge fashion, particularly in the realm of sneakers. Now, the streets of New Delhi will resonate with the footsteps of sneaker enthusiasts as Limited Edt unveils its inaugural store in Ambience Mall, Gurugram, promising a shopping experience unlike any other.

With a rich history of curating top-tier sneaker releases and pioneering collaborations, Limited Edt has carved a niche for itself in the global streetwear scene. The retailer is celebrated for groundbreaking projects like the Monsoon Patrol collaboration with ASICS Sportstyle, the Urban Islander series with New Balance, and a triumphant three-part collaboration with adidas Originals. Now, Indian sneakerheads can revel in the allure of Limited Edt’s exclusive offerings.

Limited Edt India Limited Edt India

The newly inaugurated store in Ambience Mall stands as a testament to Limited Edt’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the retail space. Mandeep Chopra, the visionary behind the brand, expressed his enthusiasm for the Indian venture, stating, “India holds immense potential, and with family ties, it was a natural choice for Limited Edt’s expansion.” The strategy goes beyond merely introducing a new store; it’s about fostering long-term relationships with the local sneaker and streetwear community, catalyzing a revolution in Indian fashion.

What sets the Limited Edt store apart is not just its merchandise but the avant-garde design and immersive technology that envelopes shoppers as they step through its doors. The store, with its futuristic spaceship theme, boasts transparent LED displays, holographic/3D effects, and interactive screens that transport customers into a realm where fashion meets innovation. The centerpiece of the store is a circular POD that houses a “Vault” of rare sneakers, reserved exclusively for VIP members. Mandeep Chopra shared his vision, saying, “We aim to give better access to exclusive releases and showcase more unique products from all the main brands. Additionally, we want to introduce new-to-market footwear and streetwear brands to India.”

Limited Edt’s entry into India is not just about commerce; it’s about cultivating a community. The store is more than a place to buy sneakers; it’s a hub where enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the culture, share their passion, and be part of something bigger. Mandeep Chopra emphasized, “This marks the beginning of our journey in India. While anticipating more stores in the future, we’re focusing on building a solid foundation, one step at a time.”

Limited Edt’s foray into India signals the dawn of a new era for sneaker culture in the country. The store in Ambience Mall, Gurugram, is now open, inviting sneaker enthusiasts to explore a world where fashion meets innovation. The synergy of Limited Edt’s rich heritage and India’s dynamic fashion landscape promises an exciting future for sneakerheads and streetwear aficionados across the nation. As Limited Edt takes its first steps in Delhi, it invites everyone to join the revolution, where every sneaker tells a story and every step is a statement.

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