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Greening Ayodhya: A Tale of Electric Vehicles and Sweet Success with SIDBI Initiatives

Electric Mobility Initiatives in Ayodhya

Electric Vehicle

Greening Ayodhya: A Tale of Electric Vehicles and Sweet Success with SIDBI Initiatives

In a harmonious blend of sustainable development and financial empowerment, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is casting its green mantle over Ayodhya, the revered city of Uttar Pradesh. As part of its strategic initiatives, SIDBI is not only steering the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) but also sweetening the city’s cultural heritage with Geographical Indication (GI) tagged laddus.

Empowering Ayodhya through Electric Mobility: Under the banner of 50KEV4ECO, SIDBI has meticulously woven a tapestry of inclusive, innovative, and impactful strategies, aligning with the essence of Ayodhya’s cultural and spiritual significance. The initiative combines a grassroots approach with support for innovative models, aiming to embed inclusivity and innovation in every aspect. The focus extends beyond metropolitan areas, reaching into tourist clusters and pilgrimage centers like Mathura, Varanasi, Agra, and rural parts of India, thus creating a comprehensive network of EV accessibility.

SIDBI Green Initiatives SIDBI Green Initiatives

In a significant stride, SIDBI, in collaboration with the Government of Uttar Pradesh, has joined hands with ETO Motors to launch EV services in Ayodhya. The Hon’ble Chief Minister flagged off the e-mobility initiatives, including E-autos from ETO, in a momentous event at Ayodhya Dham. The initiative aims to enhance transportation within the holy city while contributing to pollution reduction. Charging infrastructure and parking stations have been provided by the Government of UP, while SIDBI-supported ETO Motors manages seamless access to EV autos for the public. The initiative is further fueled by an MoU with UBER, leveraging its matchmaking platform to deepen e-mobility.

Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMD, SIDBI, expressed the urgency of decarbonizing the transport sector, emphasizing SIDBI’s commitment to multiple initiatives promoting electric mobility adoption in India. These initiatives provide affordable capital, risk-sharing facilities, and support for women’s entrepreneurship in smaller towns and rural areas.

Panchamrit Mission: SIDBI’s Pledge to Green and Digitize: In alignment with the Panchamrit mission, SIDBI is prioritizing the digitization of credit access and the greening of the enterprise ecosystem. The fivefold mission, comprising Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency, Solar, Nurture to Nature, and Waste to Environment, serves as a beacon for SIDBI’s eco-friendly initiatives. SIDBI’s flagship program, 50KEV4ECO, is contributing to the national mission of EV30@30, strengthening the e-mobility ecosystem across India.

Shaping the last mile with affordable access to EVs, SIDBI has supported various models nationwide. The support extends to enterprises engaged in last-mile deliveries, connectivity, renting to users, battery swapping stations, charging point operators, and dedicated e-mobility-centric NBFCs.

Sweet Success with GI Tagged Laddus: In a delightful turn of events, SIDBI’s support has not only electrified Ayodhya but has also added a sweet note to its cultural identity. Recently, Ayodhya’s renowned laddus secured a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, providing international recognition to this local delicacy. The GI tag not only elevates the status of Ayodhya’s laddus but also ensures value for money for the artisans involved in this traditional craft.

In conclusion, SIDBI’s multifaceted approach is not merely about greening Ayodhya’s streets but also about nurturing sustainable livelihoods and preserving cultural legacies. As the wheels of electric vehicles glide through the city and the aroma of GI tagged laddus wafts through the air, Ayodhya stands as a testament to the convergence of modernity and tradition, all made possible by SIDBI’s visionary initiatives.

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