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Shaurya Doval Highlights India’s Investment Potential at IVCA Conclave 2024

Shaurya Doval's Insights on India's Investment Potential


Shaurya Doval Highlights India’s Investment Potential at IVCA Conclave 2024

The IVCA Conclave 2024 in Mumbai witnessed an enlightening keynote address by Shaurya Doval, Director of the India Foundation, who spoke about the economic landscape for Indian Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and highlighted India as an unparalleled investment destination.

Doval began by emphasizing the unique nature of AIFs, which operate on longer-term horizons compared to public markets. He highlighted the importance of understanding macro trends, as these can significantly impact investment objectives over 3-5 years. He stressed the need for patience and the ability to discern long-term secular trends from short-term fluctuations.

Drawing from his experience on Wall Street, Doval underscored the importance of following trends in finance, stating, “trend is your best friend.” He posed a critical question to the audience: “As investors in India, are we on the right trend?” His answer was resounding: “There is no other place in the world that we can predict over the next 25 years, which could offer a better investment option than India.”

Doval projected India’s trajectory over the next 25 years, envisioning private capital as the driving force behind India’s transformation from a USD 3 trillion economy to a USD 30 trillion economy by the end of the century. He emphasized the pivotal role of the private capital industry in catalyzing an “orbital shift” for India, positioning it as a global economic powerhouse.

His optimistic outlook stemmed from India’s demographic dividend, robust economic reforms, and burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem. He highlighted the resilience of the Indian economy, which has weathered global uncertainties and continued to attract investment across sectors.

In conclusion, Doval’s address painted a compelling picture of India’s potential as an investment destination. His insights resonated with the audience, inspiring confidence in India’s growth story and reinforcing the belief that India is indeed the land of opportunity for investors looking to be part of a transformative journey.

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