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Sports-tech start-up Netrin launches athletic platform ‘CONQUR’

Sports-tech start-up Netrin launches athletic platform ‘CONQUR’


Sports-tech start-up Netrin launches athletic platform ‘CONQUR’

Netrin Sports Technologies Private Limited, offering state-of-the-art sports technology solutions for performance improvement, announces the launch of Conqur, a centralized platform for capturing the physiological metrics of athletes when they are training. Conqur uses gold standard ECG data to give training insights to athletes and coaches which helps in reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance optimally. 

 The product was launched for football teams at the Global Soccer Conclave in Mumbai. The launch was done by Shri Tusharkanti Behera, Minister of Sports and Youth Services, Odisha, in the presence of Shri Shaji Prabhakaran, General Secretary, All India Football Federation. Conqur also won the emerging sports tech award at the conclave, which was attended by all major football clubs in the country.

“There has been a long-standing gap in the industry when it comes to analytics solutions for performance improvement. Upon thorough research and after putting in cutting-edge technology, we have designed this product which will help coaches design the right kind of training for the athletes,” said Mr. Teja Prakash Kakarla, Co-founder, Netrin Sports Technologies. “They can monitor the athletes in real time and adjust the training load accordingly. It helps in avoiding overtraining or undertraining, thus reducing the risk of injuries or sub-optimal training. This is expected to furnish some striking results,” he added.

 Netrin is targeting the 20 billion dollar global Sports Tech market. Sports tech market in India is almost 100 per cent import driven, with very little research and development happening in the country in the segment. This is the first time such a technology is being developed in India, catering to the specific requirements of Indian athletes. Netrin with its strong roots at IIT Madras is leading the effort to create a homegrown sports tech ecosystem and Conqur is the first step towards this journey.

 Netrin which has garnered considerable praise in the field already launched its first product called ‘Repose’ targeting Wellness and Lifestyle one year back. Following the success of the product, it has now launched ‘Conqur’ to address another gap in the industry.

 The users will be able to avail of the product on a subscription basis with a single athlete account costing a reasonable INR 25,000 per year. The subscription will include a range of services like – the device, access to coach platform insights, and support for data interpretation for both the coaches and athletes. Initially, Conqur will be available to B2B customers including academies and teams.

 As an early bird offer, Netrin’s products are available at a discount of up to 30% for the first year.

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