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Paxful Expands Global Reach with Support for Ethereum Trading in 150+ Countries

Paxful Launches Global Ethereum Support in 150+ Countries


Paxful Expands Global Reach with Support for Ethereum Trading in 150+ Countries

Paxful, the borderless payment marketplace enabling individuals and businesses worldwide to participate in the global economy, has announced the launch of Ethereum (ETH) trading on its platform. This move significantly expands the options available to users, offering over 450 new ways to buy and sell ETH across more than 150 countries.

The introduction of Ethereum trading on Paxful marks a significant milestone for the platform, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of accessible and diverse cryptocurrency trading options. To celebrate the launch, Paxful has introduced a range of incentives for new and existing traders, including 0% escrow fees on select trades for 30 days, up to $100 of account credit for new traders, and VIP benefits for top ETH traders by volume.

ETH, the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency, is a decentralized network that serves as the foundation for various decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and other Web3 projects. Its addition to the Paxful platform provides users with new opportunities to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings and participate in the growing Ethereum ecosystem.

Roshan Dharia, CEO of Paxful, highlighted the company’s commitment to providing financial accessibility and personal agency through the free movement of money. “We see Ethereum and Bitcoin each playing an important role in this future,” said Dharia. “That’s why we’re proud to expand access to ETH as a peer-to-peer settlement layer to millions of traders in over 100 countries, with support for 450 distinct ways to trade – with or without a bank account.”

The launch of Ethereum trading on Paxful comes at a time of increasing interest in cryptocurrencies worldwide, with Ethereum’s technology and transactional capabilities gaining significant traction among consumers and institutions alike. Paxful’s decision to support Ethereum reflects its dedication to empowering its global user community with access to a diverse range of digital assets and opportunities within the cryptocurrency landscape.

With ETH now available through Paxful’s extensive network of payment methods and supported countries, users have even more options to engage with cryptocurrencies and participate in the decentralized economy. Paxful continues to lead the way in providing accessible and innovative solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to harness the potential of digital assets for financial empowerment and growth.

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