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Decode Age to raise USD 500,000 through strategic partners and VCs

Decode Age, India’s first Longevity Research Company, aims to raise USD 500,000 through strategic partners and VCs


Decode Age to raise USD 500,000 through strategic partners and VCs

Decode Age India’s first longevity research company, was established with the goal to decode the equation of biological age, and tailoring precision and personalised nutrition and medicine recommendations with state-of-the-art Big Data Health Tests. Decode Age raised around USD 150,000 in October 2021 through multiple angel investors and now, in 2022, aims to raise close to USD 500,000 through strategic partners, and VCs. 

Started in 2021 as a bootstrap with USD 125,000, the three founders of Decode Age – Darshit Patel, Parth Amin and Rakesh Somani, ventured into longevity research, with an aim to identify, innovate, build, and create awareness for what is going to change healthcare in the coming times. Their first round of investment, which totalled 150,000 USD in October 2021, enabled them to establish a genomics laboratory, initiate and launch a Gut Microbiome test, and leverage cutting-edge technologies unmatched in India to forecast early symptoms of ageing and age-related diseases. The founders also built a range of preventive products focused on targeting molecular and cellular aspects of ageing.

Speaking about the brand’s long-term vision, Parth Amin, CEO, of Decode Age, said “Our goal is to extend Indians’ average lifespans by helping them avoid chronic illnesses for as long as they can. Today, we are among the leading population with diabetes and other metabolic diseases that have been impacting our average lifespan. We wish to slow down the ageing process, and maybe stop it altogether! We are aggressively researching, among other things, to develop precise biological age clocks that can help to assess precisely how your biology is working, and also to create techniques to turn back that biological age.”

In line with the same commitment, Decode Age is now set to raise USD 500,000 through strategic partners, and VCs so as to scale up their Gut Microbiome test and Preventive care range of products. A part of the funds would also be utilised to expand the geographical market reach, funding for Clinical Research on supplements, develop a technology platform for end-to-end longevity as a service, marketing and spread awareness about longevity science, make an effective supply chain, and create tech for efficient user journey.

Speaking about the new developments and the accelerated growth rate, Darshit Patel, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, of Decode Age, said “As Auguste Comte said, ‘Demography is Destiny’ and in the modern world if there is one thing that can prove this statement completely true, is the Silver Tsunami, an economic term that metaphorizes a demographic apocalypse when the number of old (retired) people living in an economy, outnumber the number of young (productive) people. And one of the best ways to make this constructive is through Longevity science. We at Decode Age are committed to not only innovating and helping build a stronger generation of the future but to also empower people through knowledge and research-based data. We genuinely picture India becoming a country of productive and healthy individuals who are defying age to scale newer heights and reach their maximum potential!”

In the following three years, Decode Age aims to carve a niche for itself, both in India and in the international platform, to become one of the leading Longevity science and research companies known for its extensive R&D and innovation, and represent India in international conferences. Their range of products offers holistic and research-based biomolecular formulae which help the body restore its normal functions and thus help repair and restore age-related damages. Decode Age is also developing preventive nutritional blends with unique and patented ingredients and soon aims to launch a tech platform to keep real-time track of the ageing process and how everyone is optimising it, hence, involving user participation.

In terms of market and business expansion, Rakesh Somani, CFO, added, “Right now, achieving economic sustainability and profitability is our main goal. We have already established a strong presence in the research community and we aim to continue working to bring the finest of these innovations to the people of India and make them affordable and accessible for everybody. As Dmitry Kaminsky said, when discussing the future of the longevity and healthy ageing industry: “Healthy Longevity will reshape the global financial system and disrupt the business models of pension funds, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and entire national economies.”

Even as the UN predictions of the world population reaches 8 billion in the coming days and that India would surpass China to be the most populated country by 2050, Decode Age has been working tirelessly to leverage the human body’s impeccable wisdom to predict and thus help people avoid major causes of ageing and age-related illnesses. 

Decode Age is a far-sighted, futuristic, and revolutionary company that looks to change how people look at ageing and associated diseases. By Decoding Age through their advanced health tests, and offering preventive, personalised, and precise nutritional and medicinal recommendations, Decode Age envisions making 100 years of healthy living a reality.

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