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Obino acquired Fitard to convert fitness into a fun-based learning experience

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Obino wants to make fitness a more inclusive and community driven experience.


Obino acquired Fitard to convert fitness into a fun-based learning experience

Placing greater emphasis on user experience and tighter product-market fit, Mumbai-based Manna Healthcare Pvt Ltd, the company behind health and weight loss coaching app Obino acquired Fitard, a rewards-based fitness mobile app startup. The acquisition was aimed at disrupting the health and weight loss industry by replacing the typical route of customer acquistion in the sector through deeper discounts and arbitary pricing models with no focus on health outcomes.

Currently, Obino users are able to track their daily steps and food intake as well as be coached by experts with a high-retention model based on giving strong metric-based health outcomes. Now, they will soon join a gamified ecosystem that recognizes and rewards their health and fitness initiatives with the acquisition of Fitard. The intent is to convert fitness into a fun-based learning experience and make it a more inclusive and community driven experience.

Speaking on the acquisition, Ritu Soni Srivastava, Founder & CEO of Obino, said, “The philosophy of Fitard was completely in line with our own, of owning the health and weight loss journey, right from providing not just the tools and the expertise but also the motivation. What we want to establish with this move is that losing weight and getting fitter doesn’t have to be a hard, uphill task full of sacrifices but a positive, life-affirming, transformational journey of becoming the person you always dreamed of being…both physically and mentally.”

The brand is aiming at providing motivation through recognition of efforts and social gratification to ensure that users celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small, while keeping them motivated to stay on their custom designed health programs.

“We had noticed that a large part of the reason that most people don’t meet their health or weight loss goals was because they found it difficult to stay motivated and we were keen to solve that problem. By partnering with Obino, we will come closer to our goal of providing a holistic ecosystem to anyone who wants to get healthier,” said Shubham Goyal, Co Founder, Fitard.

According to the company, the number of obese people in the past 10 years has doubled in the country and obesity being liked to a host of illnesses, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and breathing disorders, makes it all the more imperative that we become proactive towards adopting fitness.

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