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IVCA Conclave 2024: Charting the Course for India’s Private Capital Industry

IVCA Conclave 2024


IVCA Conclave 2024: Charting the Course for India’s Private Capital Industry

The 13th edition of the IVCA Conclave, organized by the Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA), concluded today, leaving a trail of impactful discussions and insights into the trajectory of India’s alternative investment landscape.

The event brought together luminaries from the private equity and venture capital industry, along with global LPs, family offices, and government officials, to deliberate on key themes shaping India’s investment ecosystem. One of the prominent voices at the conclave was Nipun Sahni, Partner at Apollo Global Management, who highlighted the safety of the Indian market compared to others due to the interest rate cycle.

Shaurya Doval, Director at India Foundation, echoed optimism about India’s investment potential, stating, “There is no other place in the world that we can predict over the next 25 years, which could offer a better investment option than India.” He emphasized the role of private capital in propelling India towards a USD 30 trillion economy by the end of the century.

The conclave featured insightful discussions and fireside chats, including a session on industry-regulator collaboration, where SEBI discussed regulatory concerns with industry representatives. Ananth Narayan, Whole Time Member at SEBI, outlined SEBI’s approach to regulations, emphasizing a collaborative process with industry stakeholders to ensure clarity and adherence.

The event also delved into emerging trends, such as the rise of secondary transactions as a viable exit strategy and the evolution of India’s real estate investment landscape. Nipun Sahni emphasized the robustness of India’s real estate sector, attributing it to the country’s interest rate cycle, which makes it safer than other markets.

Further discussions revolved around the growth of India’s startup ecosystem, with Kunal Bahl, Co-founder of Titan Capital and Snapdeal, highlighting India’s transformation into a startup hub. He credited this evolution to improved government support, GDP growth, and a strengthening domestic capital system.

The conclave concluded with reflections on designing effective exit strategies in a complex financial landscape. Divya Sehgal, Partner at True North, discussed the evolving IPO landscape and the increasing viability of IPOs as an exit option for control deals.

The IVCA Conclave 2024 served as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and collaborations, reinforcing India’s position as a promising destination for alternative investments. The event’s lead sponsors included Edelweiss Alternatives, Elevar Equity, Eversource Capital, IC Universal Legal, Iron Pillar, and Peak XV, among others, showcasing strong industry support and commitment to India’s growth story.

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