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PeepalCo Lemonn Unveils a Branding Push targeting Indian Metros

PeepalCo Lemonn Unveils a Branding Push targeting Indian Metros


PeepalCo Lemonn Unveils a Branding Push targeting Indian Metros

Lemonn, the investment app from PeepalCo, announced the expansion of  ‘Zero rupaiye ka kharcha, Duniya bhar mein charcha’ campaign. Initially launched online during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, the campaign reached 60 million and saw organic downloads increase by 33 times. Building on this success, Lemonn is developing a comprehensive outdoor branding strategy for key urban markets.

The outdoor branding will target major cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. This move aims to enhance the app’s visibility and deepen engagement with potential users. The strategic placement of advertisements in high-traffic areas is expected to capture the attention of a broader audience, driving further interest and adoption.

Devam Sardana, Business Head of Lemonn, expressed enthusiasm about the campaign’s expansion. “This campaign marks a significant step for Lemonn as we reach a wider audience of potential investors. Cricket and Bollywood resonate deeply with Indians, and by harnessing the excitement around these two passions, we hope to reach people across the length and breadth of the country,” Sardana said.

The campaign’s proposition is to offer a lifetime free account with no account opening charges, zero annual maintenance fees, and a zero trading fee for the first year. This offer is designed to attract beginners and first-time investors, making it easier for them to start their investment journey without financial barriers.

“We’ve created a simple and intuitive platform to facilitate better discovery and easy decision-making for our users. Our zero-brokerage and no-account opening fees are specifically aimed at first-time investors, allowing them to start their investment journey with confidence,” added Sardana.

Lemonn, launched by PeepalCo earlier this year, is part of a broader initiative to build wealth tech products tailored for the Indian market. The app is designed to demystify investment, offering straightforward access to stocks and mutual funds. It aims to empower new and seasoned investors with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions.

As the campaign rolls out, prospective users can expect more visibility of Lemonn’s offerings, encouraging them to take the first step in their investment journey with confidence and ease.

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